Chooch certainly earned his treats last night. Seriously this guy just turns into a beast come playoff time. Usually you will take anything you can get out of a catcher offensively as long as they are a rock behind the plate. With Chooch, it seems, we get to have our ice cream and eat it too. Taking a 1-0 series lead is definitely important and the Phils seem to have become accustomed to it. They did it every series last year and have continued that trend this year. Now I’d hate to focus on something negative about last night, but alas I must…

Cry Baby Cole

Last night Cole put on a display of a whole new level of douchebaggery. After Utley threw away a potential double play ball Cole decided to turn around and throw his arms up in the air like a baby and show up the best second baseman in baseball. You would think getting married, having a baby, adopting one from Africa, winning a World Series MVP might make someone grow up a bit but apparently this is all overshadowed by carrying a dog in a backpack, doing stupid commercials, and posing for stupid pictures. You just don’t do what he did last night, especially to Chase Utley. Let’s see what Cole had to say about it:

“It’s tough because you’re battling,” Hamels said. “I make the right pitch to Ethier. I got exactly what I wanted and unfortunately the results didn’t happen. It takes a lot out of you because these guys are very tough hitters, so when you do get them in a situation where you can seal the deal, it takes a lot to really get through that. I really thought we had that. It’s the process I’ve had to go through all year — learning how to deal with my emotions and learning to control them and forgetting about what just happened.”

Yeah Hamels it is tough, but how about you be tough as well and get the next batter out and pick up your guy? Instead you mail it in and I’ll admit you threw a good pitch to Manny, but it needed to be wayyy out of the zone. I hope you learn how to control your emotions Cole, because if you don’t you might be out of Philly before you know it. If he goes out and pitches 7 or 8 shut out innings later in this series I’m sure all will be forgiven and forgotten, but I guess that is the nature of the game.

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)


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