OK this dickface requires more than the normal one liner calling someone a douche. Back in 2008 when the Phillies destroyed the Rays to win the World Series this complete douche was spouting shit out of his mouth over youtube. This guy is seriously the most useless human being on the planet. He talks about how he has come to Philly and “no one said shit” to him. Well I 100% guaranfuckingtee if I ever see this fucking douche at CBP I will rip his wig off, shove his glasses down his throat, and enjoy the jail sentence. Fuck you, you complete waste of life. DOUCHE.

Thank you to Macho Row for rekindling my hatred for this idiot. And please people, pass this post on to this clown.

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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11 responses to “DOUCHE OF THE DAY

  1. usuallyuseless

    Also tell other baseball fans of the douche this guy is on all kinds of baseball blogs. Work it into any conversation you can. When your grandma asks you how you’re doing, say “I’m fine, but you know who wouldn’t be fine if I ever saw him? This giant douche that calls himself Cowbell Kid.” If your boss asks you how your project for the big meeting is coming, say, “It’s good. Hey, there’s this giant douche that I’m sure the world would be happier if I paralyzed. He’s this asshole Rays fan and he calls himself Cowbell Kid. If I find out where he lives, can I have a couple days off to go beat him up?” Take my example: they were talking about Rays fans and their stupid cowbells over at, and I threw in a little comment about Cowbell Kid.

  2. I get pissed off every time I read about or see those stupid cowbells at a baseball game. It just makes zero sense.

    Thanks for the publicity, by the way.

  3. usuallyuseless

    It’s no problem, always gotta give props to the other great Philly sports blogs out there!

    And I want to punch things every time I see that stupid guy with the stupid wig and stupid cowbell.

  4. colefornlcyyoung

    he’s just pissed he’s the ONLY rays fan so he tries to be loud enough to make it seem like there’s more people there

  5. usuallyuseless

    No. There’s no excuse for assholes and douchebags like him. They deserve to have their wigs stuffed down their throats and their heads stuck up their asses.

  6. Glad I could rekindle your hatred for this Rays fan!

  7. Cowbell Kid

    I am really easy to find, sec 144 row mm seat 24 and I would love to eat my wig and cowbell. So come feed it to me. I even went to Philly and the fans there are soft.

  8. cole loves the cock

    alright phils fans, here’s how it goes down south, we’ll start with your spring training home is here, and even if it wasn’t you’d still come here…… because it’s better here, bottom line line, you can bust on our fan base all you want, there are less people here, which you wish you had in that sweat box full of ugly people who look even bigger when the freezing cold has you bundle up, keep hating everyone else because your town sucks, i wish you would come act like the stereotypes you fill, spend some time in our jails. it’s your destiny, come get some next time you’re on vacation eating at all of our quality restaurants, and chillin on our pristine beaches. the only thing worth a damn that you exported are the roots. period. hate on haters! keep spending your money here K.C.K

  9. GS

    Stay classy Filthadelphia. Since you have nothing better to do than to try and make fun of a real baseball fan, when you didnt even go to your own games in that armpit of the WORLD called the Vet? High comedy..There is NO worse fanbase in America. We piss on your city, women, and general ignorance. Whats that? Your claim to fame is cheesewiz on slabs of fat off a hotplate? Thats highend stuff man. Congrats.. no really you’ve ALL earned it. Oh and you boo santa? Your so hard. Stay killing fans, like of bunch of faceless pack following cowards, cause its great for the game and most importanly America. Next time I want to take a vacation to Iraq I’ll go to your city instead, and i’ll be sure to bring plenty of shit paper and purell so I dont catch the HIV.

  10. Rays Fan

    LOL, I don’t understand what drives phillie fans hatred toward other teams fans. For crying out loud!!!…It’s just a game!!! Fans of any sport of any team have the right to cheer for whom they choose and should not be ridiculed for it!!!

    As I always say: It’s one thing to heckle the opposing team players, but when you direct your heckling toward an opposing team fan who has done nothing to entice you and is just there to support their team, you have literally crossed the line, you deserve no respect, and it only shows how arrogant and ignorant you are.

  11. Look, I’m a neutral party in these matters, as I’m a Phillies phan for life (being born and raised in the Delaware Valley), as well as a Rays season-ticket holder since 2007 (after moving here in 2003), before they even exorcised the “devil” and the apparent demons on the field that caused this Phils/Rays rivalry to occur. However, it’s the douche bags from BOTH sides (Cowbell, both the gimmicky instrument and the guy in the wig, and the stereotypical “why’d you pelt Santa with snowballs” jackass that appears to be moderating this blog) that annoy the piss out of me and make us all, both fan bases, look like shit.

    Fact #1: The Rays fan base has only had 12 years to grow, and seeing as 10 of them were spent in the basement of the toughest division in baseball, it never really had a chance. Cut them some slack if this whole “winning baseball” is taking them a little bit to catch on here in Tampa Bay; the Phils have a 120 year head start.

    Fact #2: Phillies phans are NOT Eagles fans. For the most part, they are not the barbaric heathens who get so sloshed into oblivion that they need to take out their frustration on the nearest male just to prove their self-worth; the stories of Santa (a tired one from 1967, BTW), Jimmy Johnson’s hair, and fights in the 700-level all happened at Eagles games, not Phillies. Besides, ALL NFL teams’, not just Philly’s, fans have become boorish over the past few years (see Raiders, Giants, and Browns for examples). Generalizing all people from Philly as classless pieces of shit only shows your ignorance on the topic.

    Fact #3: There was no rivalry before October 22, 2008, between the Phils and the Rays. This is because – wait for it – THEY DON’T HAVE A HISTORY! One World Series doesn’t mean they’re your “sworn enemy”; you don’t hear about the Marlins and Indians or the Royals and Phils going at each other, do you? C’mon people. You’re making a non-issue into a “Red Sox/Yanks”esque-caliber production. So, both of my teams were there. I couldn’t be happier! The Rays have bigger rivalries in the Bosox/Yanks/Jays and the Phils in the Mets/Braves/Marlins. Get over yourselves. We’re not that important in each others’ lives….

    Fact #4: Now that the Rays are winning, the fans that are appearing are, disappointingly, rather douchey. They seem to have taken after their Pink Sox Brigade brethren and think acting like a complete and total jackass makes you a great fan; it doesn’t. It gives you a bad name around the league that, even if it’s not accurate or your doing, you can’t shake (see: Phillies). Don’t learn the bad habits and people will stop picking on you; trust me, I’ve taken the high-road and people from both sides like my style. Cussing out the Yanks fan for pouring beer on you and getting into a fight proves only that you’re as big of a douche as him, nothing else.

    Alright, I’m over it now. Plain and simple: both sides need to stop being douches to each other; this is nothing more than manufactured crap by people still living in 2008 (or, as I heard before, 2003 and 2005, when the other Bay Area teams beat the Eagles and Flyers; yes, it breaks my heart to think about it, but MOVE ON!) wondering about “what if’s” instead of this year’s “what’s next?”

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