There are some obvious targets that the Phils will be going after to improve their pitching at the trade deadline. I decided to narrow it down to the ones the Phils have known interest in. Ever wonder what some of these guys might look like in a Phils uniform? Well MLB 09: The Show is the best looking baseball game on the market year in and year out so I am using it to show you how these fellas would look in a Fightin Phils uniform.


My favorite among the bunch so obviously I put him first. He probably won’t be available come the deadline since the Jays are still in the race. In 2009 he has a 10-1 record with a 2.53 ERA, sign me up…


You can chalk Lee up into the “probably not available” category as well. The Phils have inquired on him and know that it will take A LOT to get him. The Indians probably won’t compete for the AL Central or AL Wild Card but he has a pretty cheap contract so it would take a lot for the Indians to part with him.


I would love to say that he would be readily available but the Astros, headed by dickface Ed Wade, never think they are out of a pennant race. Also the Astros’ owner Drayton McLane has been outspoken on the fact that he does not want Oswalt dealt. Morons.


Bedard is most likely available but is also spending a slight holiday on the DL. I have heard that Bedard is a “clubhouse cancer” and some might argue we don’t need another lefty but I think Bedard would be a great addition.


Don’t want him. Especially if the price is Donald. Boston got him off the scrap heap and he should be dealt for a low level spec. Fuck him, I hope the Phils go nowhere near him. He does date Eliza Dushku though. So touche Brad, touche…


Another person I wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. He may be “impressing” this year with the Rockies but I don’t buy it and I think the Phils could find better internal options than Marquis. Just for fun here is what it would look like when Charlie takes the ball from him early.


This selection is for Tug. He loves Lackey and is very outspoken about the troglodyte joining the Phils. I definitely would not complain if he joined the Phils but I just don’t see it happening. I don’t think the Angels will reach an agreement with him but I also don’t see them trading him.

So there you have it. Who looks best in Phils digs?

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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6 responses to “IT LOOKS GOOD ON YA’

  1. Who looks best in Phils duds?

    John Lackey, without question.

  2. Gonzo

    Roy Halladay. No questions asked.

  3. Halladay is my favorite pitcher of the last decade by far!

  4. ray

    we got lee baby

  5. Howard Eskin

    There is no way the Phillies will ever get any of these guys, you dumb fucking cunt!

  6. Anonymous

    Wow. Good call

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