Technically, Joe Blanton earned the loss. His line reveals more: 7.0 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 10 K. When he left the game in the 8th with a man on, JC walked the bases loaded and then the shit hit the fan.

Rays 7, Phillies 1


Yes, he left the game with the Phillies trailing 2-1, so yes, the loss is his. But you and I both know: the Phils + late innings + behind a single run = no more cowbell. Okay, so they don’t always rally to win, I am fairly certain of that these days. But the possibility of a win is served better by a 1-run deficit going into the ninth, rather than 6 runs.

I can put the blame on the bullpen, but I can just as easily call out Jayson Werth. His play in the field was wildly inconsistent, but I am referring specifically to a first pitch GIDP with the bases loaded and no outs that doused a tiny spark and bailed Garza out of a big jam. Had he worked a count like he did on his next at-bat, one where he hit a home run with nobody on, he may have been able to discount Burrell’s 2-run blast and rattle Garza off the mound a little early.

And Jimmy Rollins eats cock. Really Charlie? He’s going to snap out of it any day now? Really? Doubtful. And I hate it when people use the phrase “he’s due.” Due for what? A trip to the minors? A straight-up trade for that bush-league prick Yunel Escobar? Fuck, whether or not Yunel’s a scoundrel, at least he finds ways to get on base. You need some tough love, JRoll, so:


Tug Haines (@mistertug)



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5 responses to “BULLPEN KILLS HOPE

  1. Fuck you, Jimmy Rollins.

  2. Lynniemac

    For about 3 years now, everytime Jimmy pops up, in my head I hear, “with your speed, you should hit the ball on the ground and be leggin’ ’em out.” I hear that Eeyore voice a lot.

    A. Really. Really. Freaking. Lot.

  3. Gonzo

    It;s like that movie was a premonition.

  4. Jimmy pops up more than a 13-year old’s woody watching porn for the 1st time.

  5. We are going to rape Sonnanstine tonight. I’ll be happy with a series win.

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