Yup, that’s how I feel…

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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9 responses to “HORSE MANURE

  1. Philly Diehard


  2. Rocky

    Sucks m’boy.

  3. I was at the game. Awesome game to be at…. If the dugout was in front of me, I’d do the same thing.

  4. harryandwhitey


  5. Utley26

    Yeah I was there too… But see instead of having a dugout to lean on, I had four orioles fans behind me and one next me to rub it in.

  6. I just keep hoping the Phils will follow their trend and come out of this and still make the playoffs at season’s end. Things really look bad though right now.

  7. The shittiest thing about this skid is besides the bad pitching, bad fielding and lack of offense, they aren’t even a little bit lucky.

  8. D. Whitmore

    it sort of looks likes the dude behind her is just bending her over and giving her the old in and out

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