Allow me to show you the 7 easy steps Barajas used to make an ass of himself:


Step 1: Barajas steps to the plate with a 2-2 count, looking like an idiot.


Step 2: Barajas takes an inside pitch to run the count full. NOT a walk.


Step 3: Barajas flips his bat to take a completely unearned base.


Step 4: Barajas takes his first steps toward humility.


Step 5: Barajas realizes he is a tool.


Step 6: Barajas begins the walk of shame.


Step 7: Barajas takes his bat back realizing he is a CATCHER who just lost track of the count. Douche.

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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5 responses to “LOL@BARAJAS

  1. that was one quickly done, hilarious play-by-play of the pussiest catcher to ever play in philly.

  2. gm-carson

    Barajas is a fat lazy dog.

  3. The entire capacity crowd made it a point to laugh at this fat fucking fucktard fagouche. I have never heard 40-something thousand people fake over-laughing in unison before.

  4. Lynniemac

    “Step 5: Barajas realizes he is a tool.”

    I realized this years ago.

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