The forecast going into the game was rain. The forecast once the game started was still rain. After about five minutes of watching the game, every Phillies fan prayed for heavy rain. So after Bastardo, assisted by Washington Nationalesque errors by the Phils, gave up five runs in the opening frame and the Phillies went down in order we got a little luck and the skies opened up.

Red Sox 11, Phillies 6


Now usually I can’t stand rain outs but you could tell the Phils didn’t have much of a chance in this game considering that a two hour rain delay was guaranteed to take Bastardo out of the game and make Charlie patch together eight innings of baseball from his bullpen. Chad Durbin did a decent job, but the true culprit of last night’s loss was Jack Trashner. The guy doesn’t pitch for eons then gets in a game recently, pitches well, then comes in last night and blows cock. Why is Trashner even still around? Did I miss something? Doesn’t JC’s return make Trashner obsolete? Whatever. It was another shitty loss and it is getting old fast. It isn’t getting any easier for the Phils today considering we are up against Beckett and it is my birthday. What does my birthday have to do with it? The Phils are perennial losers on my birthday. Fuckers.

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)


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