I spent 2 dollars on a scorecard and all I got was carpal tunnel syndrome from writing “K” repeatedly. Not from all the strikeouts, but from scrawling “KIK KYLE KENDRICK IN THE KOK” a thousand times because after the 10th inning you can’t write anything else useful on those things.

Red Sox 5, Phillies 2 (in 13)||| BOX SCORE ||| DASH’S RECAP |||

There was some good to take away from this game, but I had the notes on the aforementioned scorecard which I rolled up and threw at some Sox fan’s head. But Blanton pitched well. He gave up 2 home runs, but really, he and the rest of the bullpen not named Kendrick kept the Phils in the game. Defense was great. Not only did Victorino make that spectacular catch, he had a smile on his face the entire time, which is why I love the guy, even though he’s a knucklehead.

Ryan Howard electrified an otherwise subdued crowd in the bottom of the 9th when he muscled a Ramon Ramirez pitch over the right-centerfield fence, making the crowd of 45,300 believe in another comeback.

Kendrick blew it in the 13th after looking pretty damn good in the 12th, keeping his pitches down and forcing grounders. But let me point a lot of the blame at some others: Rollins (0-6), Utley (0-5), Werth (0-4), Victorino (0-5), Ruiz (0-5). Fuck all you guys. You killed a lot of rallies, and didn’t give others a chance to live. And you know what: fuck it, I’m glad KK blew it, because at least that gave me a chance to go home. You fuckers obviously weren’t going to put an end to the game in a timely fashion.

I really shouldn’t care about tonight’s game, because it’s obvious that nobody swinging the bat did. Oh wait, no, I’m sorry, I’m making hasty judgments again. Maybe they were suffering from the turnpike-lag. That must be it. It was a three-hour trip from Flushing, after all. Buncha pussies, the lot of you.

Start Bako tomorrow, you dicks. He can’t possibly do any worse.

TUG HAINES (@mistertug)


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  1. Luis Castillo took away the sting of our loss.

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