The game wasn’t looking good early. Cole was pitching like crap, so much so that Mike Pelfrey was owning him. Tug, his brother Mike, and I were watching in horror at Chickie and Pete’s praying for something to happen. Well in the 7th inning the Phillies loaded the bases with some help from an error by Carlos Beltran’s mole (more on that later) and didn’t let the opportunity go by the wayside.

Phillies 5, Mets 4


After a Pete Happy single, Chooch did his best World Series Game 3 impression and tapped a ball up the third base line; Wright couldn’t handle it and everyone was safe. Rollins then grounded into a fielder’s choice and the game was tied. The game then dragged on till the 11th inning, thanks to an amazing diving catch by Jayson Werth, and Utley made sure we would get some sleep tonight. He served Bobby Parnell his first ever home run given up and how sweet it was. The Braves and Marlins also lost so the Phils are still sitting pretty atop the NL East. Please God let us own Tim Redding tonight and get a good game from Moyer. A series win in Shiti would be huge.

-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)


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