The Phillies showed a national television audience what kind of team they are today, defeating Randy Wolf and the Dodgers 7-2 and settling for a series split in Los Angeles. Though the season series between these two has wrapped up before the All-Star break, the past four days leave a lot of baseball fans thinking October Preview.

Phillies 7, Dodgers 2


I’ll say this, and leave you to peruse the fine print: Lidge probably shouldn’t have had that many save situations to pitch, whether he blew the save or not. Today’s solid offense makes my point: few men left on base when (excluding Werth and Utley 0-fers) the team is getting hits and solid starting pitching equals 4+ run leads equals give Lidgey a goddamned day off, fellas.

And I’d like to point out that Feliz and Ruiz are holding it down thus far this season, with batting averages of .306 and .309, respectively. A clutch-hitting bottom-of-the-order can keep the rest of the team fresh throughout a season and deep into the fall.

Feliz, you kick ass. Chooch, you’re the man.  And for your jonron and 3 RBIs, I saw to it that you got your just desserts. Enjoy.

Carlos Ruiz Screams For Ice CreamTUG HAINES (@mistertug)



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  1. Call me a negative nancy, but I can’t stop thinking about how we should be celebrating a sweep right now.

  2. I am all that is Debbie Downer. Can we also all laugh at Tommy Hanson’s MLB debut? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. Pete

    mmmmbop debop debop debop dooooobop DOOEYDOPBOP

  4. Stef

    Lt. Chooooch, ice cream! Ice cream, Lt. Chooch! (Come to think of it, who *would* be the Forrest in this situation? And do I need to get out more? Don’t answer that second one.)

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