Phillies 5, Padres 1

Did you bring your brooms?

Happ continues to pitch as well as we all expected. This guy deserves his spot on the rotation. Seven shutout innings of four-hit baseball gives him a 4-0 record for the year (2-0 as a starter) and a 2.47 ERA.

If not for a little hmm-hmm at Yankees Stadium, he would have his 3rd win as a starter. I only mention that little 9th inning indiscretion because it promotes the idea that Happ is a stone-cold killer and he has been close to flawless in three straight starts.

And at long last, J.C. Romero, the man we’ve been waiting for, has returned. The fiery southpaw finished serving his (bogus) suspension and came out of the bullpen in the 8th, serving up an unearned run, but otherwise pitched 1.1 solid innings with 2 hits and a base on balls. Madson closed the remainder of the 9th without incident.

Only real iffy news here is Shane Victorino’s hip. He left the game in the top of the 6th with a left hip strain. Nothing serious from what I understand.

This team appears to be firing on all cylinders as the guys rolled through their second straight series-sweep for their season high sixth straight win. Their starting pitching appears to be stabilizing, their bullpen is noticeably stronger (especially with Romero’s return), their bats are making contact and their gloves are solid gold.

They have momentum in their stride and revenge on their side as they storm the Snail-Trailed Casting Couch Capitol of the World, to take on the Dodgers over the next four days, and I believe that now both Saturday’s and Sunday’s games will be nationally televised. The whole country will be watching this grudge match this weekend.

I’m glad the Phils are playing so well, because I’d hate to have these bags under my eyes for anything less.

As always, I’ll leave you to peruse the BOX SCORE and DASH’S RECAP. Good night.

TUG HAINES (@mistertug)

Oh, and before I forget, just wanted to send my thoughts out to Scott Franzke and his family. I hope everything’s okay.



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3 responses to “J.A. BURNS, J.C. RETURNS

  1. joe

    hope Shane’s OK. I wonder if they bring Mayberry back up. I don’t suppose that Chan Ho would accept a AAA assignment, would he?

  2. If Shane hits the DL I think they’d play Werth in center and call up Mayberry.

  3. Michael Haines

    I was going to sarcastically say, “Trade for Michael Bourn back”, but I just checked his ’09 stats and he’s actually doing pretty well. Who knew?

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