OK as if Yunel diving once wasn’t bad enough, last night he struck again. In the bottom of 4th inning against the Cubs on an 0-1 pitch the ball flew toward Escobar on a direct path to his BAT not his head/body/arm/vagina. So once again he took a dive and acted hurt and shaken up to take a base. Evidence:

Pretty much a mirror image of his dive against the Phillies a few weeks back. Unreal. This guy seriously is the biggest bitch in all of baseball. Let’s see that a little slower and closer up…

So as you can see ONCE AGAIN the ball hits the bat but Escobar continues to whine and cry with his gay dyed hair and his vagina and the whole thing. Escobar’s OBP is generated purely on being a girl. Lastly I will leave you with a .gif of Escobar’s vagina still achin’ over at first base…


-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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  1. OK apparently none of these .gifs want to animate after I post them which is just lovely. They work before it is posted but once posted they don’t. I’ll try my best to fix it.

  2. Well now they are youtube videos. Best I could do.

  3. D. Whitmore

    what happened to the whale vagina

  4. Best thing about the late Phillies starts this week is I get to watch all the live look-ins on MLB Network for the early games. They covered this story plenty.

    Mitch Williams said that if this acting job ended up costing the young Cubs pitcher a perfect game, that Escobar shouldn’t have to ACT like he was hit next time he faced the Cubs.

  5. I just can’t believe he did it again. It isn’t getting a lot of national attention, I guess that’s why.

  6. Michael

    What none of these replays show is this little bitch Escobar peeking at the catcher to see where he is set up right before the pitch is delivered. WGN and Bob Brenly had a great shot/analysis of this after the break between innings. You could obviously see Escobar take a peek back at the catcher to see where he was set up, which is obviously a breach of etiquette/bush league. Brenly said that is a good way to really get hit by a pitch, and Brenly continued with little rips on Escobar all game. I would keep an eye on tonight’s game, as Escobar may see some chin music again. Hopefully this time his pain won’t be faked.

  7. This almost makes me want to release him from my fantasy team.

  8. Solared

    Um Yunel gets hit all the time, if you guys wanna hit him, go ahead thats what he wants, he wants more than anything for some team to lose their cool and get suspended.

    Also he may have actually been in some pain, he does have a hip flexor problem, and his fall or dive may have aggravated it.

    • Pete

      Escobar has been hit by a pitch 5 times in 42 games played, 2 of which have been evidenced as pure tom foolery. Now let’s have a look at sayyyyy hmmm Chase Utley… only 6 more games played and ACTUALLY hit by a pitch 11 times. Not sure he would qualify as getting hit “all the time” but I guess if he’s trying to win the Best Actress award he’s doing his part. Fail.

  9. He got away with a faked HBP. Twice. Sometimes you get away with stuff. But this is just a dirty way to play. It’s not just a case of an honest mistake by an umpire on a tough call. In those cases I consider it a pass to just keep your mouth shut and go along with the bad call for the sake of the team. But this is a flagrant dive, it’s underhanded and cheap, and it reminds me of an old story. Something about a little boy and a wolf…

  10. He must’ve learned his acting from all those futbol (soccer) actresses…I mean players…no, i mean actresses.

  11. Bob

    Well we arent the only ones ,oddly enough, to think Esocobar is a vagina. Checked out some comments on a Braves blog’ heres a sample from Braves beat reporter Mark Bowman’s blog

    Los – No way! He was way too dramatic. He took 5 minutes to get off the ground and gingerly walk to first. As a hitter, you should want to hit. It was total bush and has no place in a Braves uniform. It’s one thing to step into one… but to try and sell it to the ump when it never hit you – that’s bush. Hands down. There’s something to be said for integrity.

    By bravomania

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