In our recent game chat last night for the Phils – Padres game we got into many different subjects and one of them was the facebook pages of current Phillies farmhands. Read D. Whitmore provided the links and we all provided the humor. So let’s begin…

Here is Kyle Drabek, who was recently promoted to AA Reading, sporting some serious wood whilst giving his seal of approval. Notice the Phillies hat.

Kyle Drabek is at it again out at the bar but in this one ou see Phillies lefty Mike Zagurski joining him. Mike looks so innocent, surely he wouldn’t being getting into anything crazy…

Jesus Christ man. I know Mike isn’t the greatest looking guy but shouldn’t the “Yeah, I pitch in the Major Leagues” line net you something better than his? Look at that serious arm flab. Finally let’s check out what prized Rays prospect David Price pulls in…


-Chris (@LONG_DRIVE)



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  1. Michael Haines

    If Mike Zagurski wants to get with women of the heavier type, I support him unquestionably. She’s clearly his top choice, not some sort of “Shit, it’s last call!” situation, as I can’t imagine any woman saying no to that face.

    I’m glad my first comment on this blog is an endorsement of fat chicks.

  2. Robert


    Then how come my brother can’t get any?

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