The Phillies, mainly Ruben Amaro Jr, have a serious decision on their hands. Who the hell do we aquire to be a co-ace or solid number 2 starter with Cole Hamels?We’ve heard a number of names as pitchers we have inquired on, some good and some not, but I have decided to widdle it down to my two favorites Jake Peavy and Erik Bedard.

Peavy has a full no trade clause and has talked a bunch of shit on our park in the past so even though he is a great pitcher he just seems kind of out of reach because of that. Also Peavy would cost us not only a king’s ransom in prospects but he is also owed at least $48 million (not including his $22 million club option in 2013 or a $4 million buyout). So not only will we be hurting in the prospects given up but also in the payroll department for the next 3 to 4 years depending on if we pick up his option. So to me he seems like a long shot since he is all butt hurt about playing on the east coast and in a hitters park.

Erik Bedard on the other hand seems very feasible. Yes, we will have to give up many prospects for him but he is only signed for the rest of this season and then becomes a free agent. Why is that good? Well there is a decent 2009 free agent pitching crop and we have two choices here. Choice one is asess how Bedard has performed over the course of the season and try to resign him if necessary or logical. Choice two is let him walk and go after someone from the 2010 free agent pitcher class headed by Justin Duchscherer and Rich Harden. Bedard has pitched very well this year so far with a 2.48 ERA and hasn’t allowed more than 3 runs in each of his 9 starts. Think about that. The Phillies are 0 for a million when they score 3 runs or fewer, so with a pitcher like Bedard holding the opposition to at least 3 runs at least we will still be in the game. I know I know Bedard might not keep that up all year but it is something to think about assholes.

So look to your right on this page to see Peavy and Bedard looking sexy in their Phils gear and let Tug and I know who you would rather have. Also keep in mind Peavy drinks Jager from the bottle. That makes him just a bit cooler.




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16 responses to “SO WHO’S IT GONNA BE?

  1. I’m not a big fan of either, because I like my Phillies to look like they scrap metal for beer money in the off-season. Peavy is from Alabama, so he would be more likely to do so. I’ll vote for Peavy.

    Also, isn’t Bedard clubhouse poison? I think I heard that somewhere. I’m a stickler for that bullshit, as in, I value team chemistry over star power.

  2. Does he have… blue eyes?

    The new version of Guess Who is nothing like the original.

    Out of Peavy and Bedard, I say Bedard is more likely, but I can see Oswalt coming here.

  3. D. Whitmore

    but look at that tranny behind him that he surely stuck his wang in the first picture. and bedard is a canadian fuckhead who cant talk. fuck both those assholes. throw drabek on the 40. give him the yearly triple jump to bigs. problem solved.

  4. How can you not want Peavy? The guy throws super nasty shit and he drinks like a longshoreman.

    He’d be perfect here!

  5. The homegrown argument is a strong one. It will be interesting to see what happens if Bastardo pitches extremely well.

  6. Pete

    Peavy has said on record that he will not play anywhere but San Tran or for the Dogfuckers. Bedard adds that asshole to the bench that we really need with Meyers on the DL. Seriously; Utley, Howard, Rollins, ‘Rino, ‘Cooch, that wildly popular “Raul” fellow, and let’s not forget Philly’s boy-crush MVP of the NLDS and the World Series. All of them noted “good guys”. I just hope his wife/girlfriend knows what is coming if he gets traded to the boys in red… not the Reds.

  7. I have heard that Bedard is a cancer but from what I’ve researched and a returned email I got from a Mariners blog, it is just something that is blown out of proportion. Also if anyone gets out of line Utley would be the first to smack him back down to earth…with his cock.

  8. Pete

    …and a large cock it is… I’ve heard.

  9. Pete

    Great kisser.

  10. Chase and his huge package just got an RBI single Phils up 2-1 woooo

  11. Gonzo

    Let’s get a live blog up on this bizznitch.

  12. Pete

    Mister Big Dick just parked it again followed by a Howard long-ball.

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