Phillies 4, Nationals 2

Well Moyer’s chase for win #250 has finally come to an end after 6 tries. Moyer pitched 6 innings of 1 run ball and did a really nice job of throwing strikes. Now with this career milestone out of the way we can all just hope that Grand Pappy Moyer can build on this and give us at least 6 quality innings per start.

Chase Utley got the scoring started with an RBI double in the first. It almost wasn’t a run as the home plate ump missed the fact that the scrub Josh Bard tagged Victorino with an empty glove. But eventually the 3rd base ump got the call right and called him safe. The second run was scored on a solo homer by Chris Coste. Yes I said Chris Coste. The old man can apparently still hit. Oh and did I mention Howard hit an RBI triple (LOL @ Josh Willingham)?

All in all it was a solid game with Condrey, Madson, and Lidge closing the game out with the only run given up by them being a solo homer given up by Condrey. Has anyone else noticed that the key to being in first place of the NL East is playing the Nats. Unfortunately we won’t be playing the Nats again until September but by that time the Phils will have a commanding lead in the division as Tug has previously pointed out. The Phils have a tough road ahead going against the suddenly hot Padres and future Phillie Jake Peavy, the Dodgers, the Mutts, and then the Red Sox. Hopefully we can come out of this stretch playing .500 ball and stay 8 to 9 games over the .500 mark.


Nice job of trying to hide your fail. Why don’t you just try actually catching the ball next time, douche…




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4 responses to “FINALLY 250

  1. Haha, Bard thought he was slick holding the ball up like that.

  2. KJ

    I think the natinals outfield could’ve been the combined douches of the series!

  3. Nice graphic with Moyer.

    And yes, the Nats’ OF’ers were defensively beyond terrible in that series.

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