According to Charlie Manuel, maybe we Phillies fans have turned into something kinder, gentler… suckier. Something along the lines of my utterance when fans began to leave on Monday night, after Victorino’s little hmm-hmm. “Faithless. Soulless. Ball-less.” Or more to the point, something like this:

Phillies Fans ca. 2009

I read Sam Donnellon’s “Tough Love” column in the Daily News today, and I’ll go along with Charlie’s call to shirk complacency in the wake of a championship season, but there’s something he failed to mention, and probably for the sake of diplomacy. Thanks to my near-pathological fear of tact, I’ll bring it up.

Does the fanbase seem a little bit diluted with the fairweather variety this year? Signs point to ‘yes.’

It’s human nature, everyone loves a winner, so naturally champs are going to get a bigger draw at the gates. But that doesn’t necessarily have to spell ‘bandwagoners,’ does it? Let me answer that question with another question: where were these extra 94,584 people during the first 22 home games last season?

Last year’s fans are all still here, but I think we’re going to have to boo loud enough to be heard over the sycophantic Wrigley-style cheers which now accompany any ball hit weakly in the air by the home team this season. It’s more than a little embarrassing, really, to think that one red banner might turn us into corny, ingratiating laughingstocks.

This isn’t the NL Central, people. We’re not supposed to be nice. Get with the program. Make a promise to yourself: No kissing ass until November’s parade.




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4 responses to “WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?

  1. I always wanted that Care Bear!

  2. I’ll always be angry. Even if they’re winning, they still have ‘Phil the Can’.
    /damn environmentalist trash can
    /ready to nitpick any stupid thing the Phillies do

  3. Gradosphere

    “…isn’t the NL Central” indeed. I would join in to snort in derision at Cub and Card fans if Reds fans weren’t so embarrassing ourselves. And cheap.

  4. Here Come Da Judge

    i hate bandwagons…i dont dislike them…i hate them

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