I’m a big fan of Carlos Ruiz’s. I feel more confident in my favorite team when he’s playing, even when he isn’t producing offensively. But when he’s hitting RBI doubles with two outs in extra innings, it makes my heart swell with pride for my favorite Panamaniac.

I’m not going to recap the game for youse guys, because I know someone that does it better, and I love to work smarter, not harder. Plus, I use my sweet Photoshop skills to provide you with the line while highlighting the hero of the day. If it wasn’t for Chooch and the real C.C., it would have been Lidge’s head on a pike instead of the classic boyhood-hero-style above.

But I’m going to use this particular post to talk about two things: the big picture (this series) and the bigger picture (this season).

The Phillies took 2 out of 3 from the Yankees in New York, capping a long road trip with an 8-2 record. These games were not cheaply won, either. The starters all rose to the challenge this weekend, surrendering no bases on balls, and the offense struck first in all three games. This series answered a lot of questions about what kind of team the ’09 Phillies are.

And that leads us to the bigger picture of the 2009 season. Things are still pretty hazy, when considering 75% of the season is yet to be played, including the bulk of interleague play, during which the Fightins are perennial stinkers. But they appear to be prepared to shake that distinction this year, if you like to think of this series as an indicator of things to come, as I do. I mean, they were 2 outs away from a series sweep against an AL team that traditionally beats up on NL competition, year after year. They can take Boston, they can take Toronto, and they can definitely take the O’s.

So here’s the the meat of this particular post: The Phils will finish over .500 with interleague play in 2009. What does this mean? Precisely this: The NL East will unofficially belong to the Philadelphia Phillies as early as 4:37pm on June 28th. Write it down. I said it. Email me October 5th if I’m wrong – I’m not hard to find.

Okay, so I might as well address the fact that Lidge blew two consecutive saves in two consecutive days, blah blah, compare 08 stats with 09 stats, blah blah blah. We all know something is wrong. His knee may hurt, maybe he’s a headcase right now, who knows. I’m no expert, I’m just obsessed with the Phillies. Remember what Jimmy said after the parade one glorious day last November? Something along the lines of “it takes more than one person to win a championship.”

Lidge is not the only reason for this team’s success. Remember that.

Go Phils.




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4 responses to “THAT’S MORE LIKE IT

  1. If the Phillies have the division on June 28th, 4:36 Pm, somebody’s going to get an email filled with boldface font!!!

  2. Ender

    Dude, I think I subconciously stole your Steroids 1, Phils 0 headline for a different blog site. Please don’t sue. It was just so hyper-intelligent it stuck in my brain pan.


  3. Ender

    Um… that was supposed to be a kissy face.

  4. Haha Ender I could never sue you. I love you too much.

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