Brett Myers Deals

Brett Myers handled the Bronx Bombers easily, going eight strong and walking no one, minimizing the damage of three home runs by keeping men off the bases. James, Chooch, Werth and RAUUUL! all contributed home runs and Utley tossed in another RBI in support of a solid win. Now, with momentum on their side (if you believe in such a thing), they go to the national stage today to face off against southpaw Pettitte in game 2 of the Phils’ inaugural series against an American League team.

Enter JA Happ, the 5th starter every fan has been calling for even before Can’t Throw Park was signed for a song and a promise to compete for a spot on the starting rotation. Happ is 2-0 in 12 relief appearances this season, with an ERA of 2.49. He’s got a good head, a good arm and something to prove, which bodes well for a team that’s rolling offensively. If his curve is on this afternoon, and Pettitte is as shaky as his last few starts since April 26th, we may be celebrating a series win early. Better get your beer on ice now, just in case.

The other big news for Phillies fans, is that Mayberry was called up. Now, Charlie is playing coy by not saying whether the kid is going to DH, but come on. He already said earlier this week that Stairs wouldn’t DH against the 2 lefties in the series, so what else does he need to say? The only other option with the current roster, in my opinion, would be to DH Ibanez, who has AL experience and success against LHP, move the leggy Werth to the vast left side of the outfield, and put Mayberry in right. But applying Occam’s Razor, switching Stairs and Mayberry just makes more sense, so wink, wink, Uncle Cholly. I’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an optimistic little “This Day In Phillies History” bit of tid:

On May 23rd, 1991, Tommy Greene pitched a no-no in his 15th career start to beat the Expos 2-0.




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3 responses to “LOOKING GOOD SO FAR

  1. Karl

    This will be a tough one. We know about the Phils and left handed pitchers. But they have more than a fighters chance on Sunday, and have rocked CC in the past. What a weekend. ‘ll be thrilled with 2 of 3.

  2. 2 out of 3 is definitely a huge success, but imagine a sweep? Mmmm.

  3. KJ

    What a testament this will be for Happ. Going up against the best offense in the Majors in a homerun ingesting park being his first start of the season due in part to holding onto a rotational spot amounts to a lot for this kid. This is actually a really good position for this kid to be in. If he pitches well he should be a keeper in the rotation; if he doesn’t he should still get more starts considering the offense he’s going against.

    I’m happy it’s on Fox too so I get to watch!!

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