I found a big box of my old baseball cards at my dad’s house, in my old room. I used to have them organized by brand, year, team, position, but now they’re sitting in this box, a jumbled mess, neglected. So as I’m flipping through them, making stacks, I start pulling all the Phillies and any other eye-catchers and put them aside, thinking “blog post fodder!”

Boever's 1991 Donruss (Click to Expand)

Boever's 1991 Donruss

This is Joseph Martin Boever. I was 11 when he became a Phillie, and I don’t remember too too much about his pitching, other than recalling certain members of my family claiming he stunk. What I do remember is being fascinated by his surname. Spelled BOWver, pronounced BAYver. During a 3-year span, whenever I had the opportunity to be creative with an assignment for school, I would always give one of my characters that last name.

Click to Expand

Click to Expand

According to Baseball Almanac, his nickname is “The Saver.” He did have 21 saves in 1989 with the Braves, but 49 total during his 12-year career. So I’m thinking that nickname had more to do with a not-so-pithy rhyme, and less to do with his pitching prowess, though his lifetime ERA is a respectable 3.93.

Joe Boever’s last game was September 29, 1996. He played for 7 teams in both leagues and wore 6 different numbers during his career.






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  1. Gradosphere

    Boever was the last pitcher I remember to throw the “palm ball” as his primary offspeed offering.

  2. Joe Boever was the 1st WSBGM’s Phlashback Phriday feature back in August of 2006.

  3. Who could forget Joe Boever and that palm ball?

  4. Gonzo

    Clay Condrey is the modern day Joe Boever.

    • That just made me think of a new fan group: Condrey’s Laundry. Everyone could wear dirty t-shirts with his number, underwear on our heads, and socks on our hands.

  5. Ender

    Boever the Saver. Choice.

    Condrey’s Condoms.

  6. Gonzo

    Tug, that is genius. Get the Photoshop working.

  7. im joe boevers daughter and my name is palmer. does that remind you of any ball he threw?? yeah thats how i got my name. and f.y.i. my dad did not suck so tell your family to shut their pie holes

  8. Sucker

    I’m Joe Boever’s son, and as you can tell from my name my sister and I have differing views on my father’s legacy.

  9. wow if your trying to make fun of me its not working. you can look me up i dont care but im not lying you butt hole

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