Brinks home security won’t keep this beast from home. First of all let’s all let out a huge LOL at Russel Martin for being a complete failure. Now that that’s out of the way what else happened in the game? Well the Phillies won 5-3 but will remain in second place because the Braves awarded a walk off walk to the Mets. I really can’t wait till we play the Mets again because their fans were so cocky after their 2 game sweep it makes me sick. Let them beat their chest and flex nuts for now but we all know that the month of September is still part of the calendar year, which means they have no chance. Anyway a great game for the Phils and we win so that is really what matters.

As some may know, I am in Connecticut for training right now. I would like to express how bad this sucks. The wireless internet here is immaculate EXCEPT when I try to get MLB.TV working to watch the Phils game. What do I miss? JAYSON WERTH STEALING FUCKING HOME!!! Son of a bitch. Also to make it even worse I had tickets to this game but obviously couldn’t go because of this fucking job training. Just had to get that off my chest. To anyone who reads this blog, I love you.







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5 responses to “WERTH IS A THIEF

  1. Russell Martin and his stupid jersey are fine selections for douche of the day.

    I noticed the domain name…congrats. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Jay, I try to keep the blog as fresh as possible. Douche of the Day definitely helps. Love Phoul Ballz and congrats on your domain as well.

  2. ron

    Between Russell Martin and Jose Reyes, you have enough douche for “Douche of the Day”, for the next five years!

    • Very true Ron. I was telling my friend how I should just take 365 pics of Jose Reyes and slap the DotD label on them and be done with it.

  3. Hahah. Sorry, I didn’t know you had the same title.

    Good title though. =]

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