In the first inning of today’s game Yunel Escobar was hit by a pitch, that put runners on first and second to lead off the game. Or was he? Let’s take a look here ladies and gentlemen.

First the little bitch steps to the plate in the hole 0-2 and 2 pitches later gets “hit” by the pitch. Exhibit A:

Here you can clearly see the ball hitting the bat and not hitting his weak fragile little bitch body. Not convinced? How about another angle?

In case you still couldn’t see it clearly I have highlighted the ball actually touching the bat. Now here is Escobar’s reaction…

Are you serious? Did the vibrations from the ball resonate through the bat into your hands and cause a heart murmur, suddenly making you hit the ground? Because if not WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU ON THE GROUND RIGHT NOW?! Now lets look at him STILL grimacing as he is on first base.

Conclusion: Yunel Escobar is a complete bitch and obviously in the wrong sport. If you want to flop like that go to the fucking NBA. How funny this happens when he was earlier named Douche of the Day. He will most likely earn the same honor tomorrow. Maybe even Douche of the Decade.




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  1. Ender



    The only thing better was him hot-dogging it to first, clapping his hands with the “game-winning hit” only to see Victorino cut them down at the plate.


  2. Shay Roddy

    Great post! Had me LOLing! What an asshole.

  3. I now hate him more than any other MLB player, except anyone on the Mets…

    • Anonymous

      Hahahahahahahaha braves fan here!! Yall are ridiculous. It’s all apart of the act of getting a free base! Maybe your BITCH players should try it sometime. Phuckin Phillie Phuckers!!!!!!!

  4. He’s an even lil’er BITCH than Cole Hamels. lil’ BITCH.

  5. Great acting on Escobar’s part. The Phillies bought it. Didn’t even appeal or anything.

  6. Dude flops as good as Allen Iverson on non-fouls.

  7. c-dub

    lol, nice acting job. too bad the phils didn’t do shit about it. he got on base and that is all that matters, he ain’t worse than that hawaiin bitch or rollins.

  8. He is a bitch. Flat out. He throws his bat when he gets a single like it is a game winning hit when in fact it only the second inning or so and he is a fucking showboat. He sucks. There is no room for acting in baseball. He wasn’t hit so why doesn’t he man up, draw a walk or get a base hit, and earn his way on base? Oh, because he is a bitch.

  9. ritz

    LOL @ Braves fans

  10. ritz

    Oh and I mean that in the nicest way possible…

  11. saige

    u all r bitches shut the f up gosh the phillies are bitches for hitting him in the first place. Go suck a big one and get over it. LOL at all the phillies

  12. “the phillies are bitches for hitting him in the first place.”

    You would think that all the proof above would be enough to conclude that Escobar indeed did NOT get hit by the pitch, but alas some people actually are this dumb. Run off now little one, you have school tomorrow.

  13. c-dub

    go join him bitch. fuckin idiots. go fuck yourself.

  14. Braves Fan

    Good call. I missed the game today but saw the highlight on SportsCenter. I replayed it on my DVR at least 10 times before searching the web to see if I was the only one on the planet who saw the ball hit the BAT and not Esco. Esco didn’t get hit. I don’t know what to think really. Bobby Cox doesn’t like this stuff. He’s already criticized Escobar for his style of play this season and said that they’ve talked about toning him down. I know I’m in rival territory here, but thanks for pointing this out. I’m glad someone did.

  15. Braves Fan

    By the way, the name calling isn’t necessary, imho.

    But, I’m in the minority on that subject everywhere on the web. (Braves Nation or anywhere else…*sigh*)

  16. Escobar roughly translates to “Chokes on Huge Ones”

    just sayin…………..

  17. Braves fan, I hear what you are saying about name calling. It is juvenile, but I use this blog to vent. Most times whilst venting I get carried away but that is why this blog is it meant for Phillies fans. I am not saying you shouldn’t read the blog ever or comment, but just expect some derogatory things said about Braves players while we are playing them haha. Anyway I am glad this post helped you see what actually happen yesterday. Good luck this season.

    • Braves Fan

      Yeah, I hear ya. Everyone needs to let off a little steam. If this is your venue for that, so be it.

      I’m just not a an of name calling in most any situation, but hey, to each his own. Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the Braves can beat up the Mets a little this week.

  18. Also anyone expecting a post today I can’t get it up till later because I am headed to Connecticut for the week for training for my new job. I will be posting regularly after today though. Douche of the Day is still Escobar of course….

  19. Wow, there certainly are an enormous about of douches on the Internet these days.

    So when do I get my bobblehead?

  20. taylor

    phillies fans are stupid. the “flyin hawaiian” is a cocky homo. he couldn’t even wipe escobar’s ass. go braves. screw the phillies.

    • Oh look, another Braves fan with sand in his vagina. Victorino is as marginally better than Escobar as you are marginally gayer than the average person.

  21. Stef

    Taylor, I don’t think he could be accurately called a “homo” just for turning your mom down.

  22. saige

    ya I’m abraves fan and I guess I’m not welcome on this page but hey it’s fun to watch phillies piss each other off hahaha. And who is a big enough loser to vent by calling people names oh ya I forgot I’m not talking to braves fans. Only the phillies would do that. Southern people are a lot nicer. GO BRAVES!

  23. Liz

    That just happened in today’s Cubs-Braves game! Wells was pitching a no-hitter and Escobar “got hit by the pitch” again!

  24. dave

    I looked up his name (which I had never heard, until last night’s game against the Cubs) ..expecting to find nothing special, with regard to his fake reaction. EXACTLY what I said, about him needing to try basketball, the way he THROWS himself to the ground expecting sympathy.

    When Kosuke hit that base hit afterward, I thought they’d call him out anyway, because Escobar so over-dramatically leaped for the ball.

    What is it about his facial expressions, too? He just has a fake face.. Goes well with his bleached hair. Maybe he’s just dizzy from the bleach fumes.

  25. Phillies Suck....

    Fuck the Phillies….does Lenny Dykstra still work for you guys?? Probably….the one nut crooked ass is just the right fit for Philadelphia.

  26. Phillies Suck....

    half of the people on this blog don’t even realize the Braves were not playing the Phillies….

  27. Anonymous

    total bitch. he did the same thing to the cubs last night.

  28. Jessica

    Ya’ll need to quit hating on that man. Lets see any of your stupid asses get up and do what he does. Ya’ll must not have shit else better to do then talk shit.

  29. escobarlover13

    yall all wrong he a great player. its just some things he dont understand yall da bitches talkin all dat stuff .shutup.

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