So I occasionally get a wild journalistic hair up my ass and want to do some actual research. When I woke up this morning the first thing I did was sit down to peruse Chase Utley’s fielding statistics because I’ve been concerned about his range, which I believe to be suffering due to his off-season surgery. Assuming I can make head-or-tail out of that gobbledy-gook, there will be more on that later: it may even be too early to tell.

But in my searching I stumbled across something so strange and so funny it makes me believe that I should just stick to my role here at Long Drive as Dr. Jones’s hatchet-man. When I arrived at the Chase Utley Statistics and History Page at Baseball-Reference the first thing that caught my eye was Chase’s middle name, followed by the quite promulently displayed sponsorship of Utley’s stat page. Click the thumbnail below and laugh:

Click It!

Click It!

“Wattybgood sponsor(s) this page.

Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go Mets! Let’s Go Mets! Phillies will fall a bit short in 2008!”

At first I was annoyed, until I saw he sponsored it last season, and was calling for our team’s demise in 2008. That’s when I started to chuckle.

It turned into a full-blow chortle when I clicked Watty’s link – a page dedicated to the (metaphorical) self-fellating of aspiring professional photographer Terence Watkins, with the epic* domain grab of Terry’s picture says it all for me:



Click the thumbnail above for the full-size portrait, a 1920p x 2560p monstrosity that gives one a Liliputian feeling.

Oooh, he’s so mysterious! Look at the corduroy sportscoat and the aviators, reflecting the sunset he’s pretending to watch as he snaps a picture of his sideburns! He goes on to describe himself as a “renaissance man” who is “currently on leave from working for the man.” Line up ladies, he sounds like a real provider!

Just in case you were curious, he has an email address. You can find it on his page. Feel free to say ‘hello.’

And if you think a real fan should sponsor Chutley’s page, click here.

– Tug

* denotes sarcasm



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14 responses to “LOL, METS FAN

  1. There is all kinds of mistertug trivia in that screenshot.

  2. Stef

    I myself am please to have embiggened my vocabulary just by reading this blog.

  3. That guy is the epitome of choad. He seriously thinks he is epic, using myspace/facebook angles in a sad attempt to cover the fact that he is obviously balding and his hair line is receding faster than France when they hear the word “War”.


    …except ritz.

  4. Tug, you forgot to mention his sign off at the bottom of his page…


    photographer, philosophizer, philanthropist, and all around pimp!”

    “all around pimp” you have got to be kidding me…

  5. His picture reminds me a bit of Hunter S, minus the whole talent and intelligence thing.

  6. Gonzo – nice.

    Chris – Massive oversight. I like the idea of an unemployed philanthropist. What’s the old saying about the road to hell? Wasn’t it paved with something?

    Bonus points for juxtaposing philanthropy with pimping.

  7. ritz

    I love the “except ritz” part at the bottom of your comment, Chris. The love is mutual. 😀 sponsored Santana’s page. Needless to say it wasn’t anything positive towards the Mets. Haha

  8. butt hole


  9. Mets are the worst team

    mets fans all sukkkkkkkkkkkkk

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