OK as I have been saying the past few days I ran into an extra Charlie Bobblehead and I want to have a contest here at the blog so a fan who couldn’t make it to the game isn’t deprived of this wonderful giveaway. Below you will see a picture and your job is to come up with a caption as to who is saying what, if anything, or as to what is happening in the picture. I chose this picture for obvious reasons so post your suggestions in the comments section. I will keep the competition open for about 5 to 7 days and then declare a winner. If you win all you do is email me your address and I will ship it to you, free of charge of course. Let the games begin…




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  1. Tyler

    Jerry Manuel: Jesus Christ Jose you just blew the game on that boneheaded baserunning mistake!

    Jose: Shhhhhhh! I love this song! *air drums* I CAN FEEL IT, CALLIN’ IN THE AIR TONIGHT, OH YEAH!

  2. G-Dogg

    Jerry: Hold still.
    Jose: Ooooh. It hurts even worse coming out.
    Jerry: How do you think the hamster feels?

  3. Havoc

    Jerry: *sigh* You blew the run now the bullpen comes in with a 1 run lead

    Jose: NOOOOOOOOO!!


  4. No son, I’m sorry – this is where the big boys play…now run home and I’ll buy you some pokeymen later.

  5. David Macknis

    Jerry Manuel: “I wish my first name was Charlie.”

    Jose Reyes: “O SHIT! Does that mean I am getting benched for not running out this pop-up?”

  6. Dan

    Jerry Manuel: Jose, sometimes…sometimes I wish I was a Philadelphia Phillie.

    Jose Reyes: Oh Shit!

  7. PhillySF

    Oh – so that’s how I use the Summer’s Eve!

  8. Bob

    Jose: Oh Jerry u’ve made me so happy, I can feel the baby kickin!

  9. Steve

    Manuel: “Now hold on while I get this bat outta there. What were you thinking anyway?”

    Reyes: “Sorry coach, Wright just can’t satisfy me anymore.”

  10. rog 5 -4-09

    It is okay if you have bad Gas, just pass it even if it shit

  11. Zac

    Damn Coach, I haven’t been fisted this hard since last September, or maybe the September before that, oh or this other time…

  12. Lynniemac

    Oh my god, Jose. Are you choking AGAIN? Quick, turn around so I can give you the Heimlich.

  13. Fred


    “Damn coach! Onions again?”

  14. Jose- “I’m not sure what hurts more- losing to the Phillies, hearing Chris Wheeler pronounce my name, or the sting of my gaytastic handshakes.”

    Manuel- “Your bromance with David Wright hurts most.”

  15. Cole

    Manuel: “Easy does it boy, this will only hurt for a moment.”
    Jose: “But I haven’t even lubed yet.”

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