While I’m ripping on the stars of the NY Mets, allow me to make this comparison:

Malcolm Wright

Malcolm Wright

So what does all this mean? My money’s on the Phillies finally calling up their hottest pitching prospect to deal with the so-called threat at the plate:

Good call, Stef.

Good call, Stef.

– Tug



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  1. Stef

    So what you’re saying is, all the Phils need is to draft Jane Kaczmarek and we’re golden. I’d pay to see THAT can of whupass being opened.

  2. They are similar looking. But Wright is incredibly good looking.

  3. they both have nice arm candy with ’em.

  4. Stef

    THIS IS WHY YOU’RE MY FAVORITE. shhh. don’t tell the others.

  5. Is that Corey Lidle? The tatoo looks familiar.

  6. Hahaha good eye, Amanda. I thought the charred flesh would give him away first.

  7. joe

    rip cory. yankees suck.

  8. I don’t know where my irrational hatred of David Wright was coming from all these years, but I think you’ve discovered why.
    Goddamn agent Cody Banks!

  9. D. Whitmore

    good call hdysr. i hate everything about that man. from his cum guzzling to his uppercut swing. hate him

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