Well Raul Ibanez has shown no signs of slowing down. Leading off the 9th inning was the big man Ryan Howard and he flared a single to center right in front of Jody Gerut. Next came the monster pictured above and before the crowd could even yell “RAUUUUUUUUUUL” he had hit a walk off homer and got a shaving cream pie in the face courtesy of Shane Victorino… which was kind of ironic considering right before that happened, Ibanez had started his answer to two questions with “Oh, no question.” which is strikingly close to Vic’s catch phrase. Anyway, it was an amazing game and definitely got me out of the Phils funk I have been in, dealing with 3 straight losses. Before we move on to Douche of the Day I must touch on something from Saturday’s game. Did anyone miss that bat flip Myers did after he hit a double off the top of the wall? The guy flipped the bat like he just hit the ball in the third deck, it was hilarious. Pics:

The bat flip…

Cole Hamels’ rather feminine reaction…

Shawn Hill’s reaction…

This Douche of the Day is for my friend Goose…



How does it feel to have Kimo Timonen holding your leash? Douche…




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6 responses to “RAUUUUUUUUUL!!!

  1. Ender

    Hahahaha! Love the Crosby pic. Myers, too. I can’t stand that guy but I hope he has a good year.

  2. Holy shit that Cole pictures is gaytastic! What the hell is up with that look on his face.

  3. Yea I love Cole but that face is prettyyyy gay.

  4. Hahhahaha. Nice picture of Colbert.

  5. Hahaha that Crosby picture is too good.

    Plus the Brett Myers bat flip…

  6. Anonymous

    +100000 for the Crosby picture.

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