Or is it game 3? It is supposed to be game 3 but Mother Nature decided to be a douche, but we will get to that later. Today pits Joe Blanton vs. Shairon Martis which I did a scouting report for yesterday so it kind of seems pointless now. So how about we do a poll, I share a Harry poem that someone I know wrote and then we do Douche of the Day? Sounds good to me.

Now for this awesome peom written by Fred from the PSD Phillies Forum.

Harry the K

It all started back in ‘71
When Harry became one of Philly’s great sons.
Veteran’s stadium had to be blessed
Harry was there to make sure of no mess.

They paired him with many, he made them look great
But one was his favorite, his friend and his mate.
Whitey stood by him, until his time came
That day’s final score matched his number that game.

The players were many that Harry had seen.
Lefty and Bull when I was a teen
Bowa, Tug and Rose, the team was close-knit
Harry called the 500th for “Michael Jack Schmidt”

He coined lots of phrases, some old and some new
“Outta Here”, “Long Drive” to name just a few.
The ’93 Phillies were a favorite, no doubt.
With Dutch and the Krukker, having fun in the dugout.

The 2008 team was Harry’s last chance,
For the Phillies to get to the game’s biggest dance.
The heroes were many, it happened so fast
The Fans came in droves, their numbers were vast.

We took out the Mets late in the year.
The Phillies’ faithful were nothing but cheers.
Next came CC and his huge left hand
Shane took him deep, it was extremely grand.

The Dodgers stepped up, only Manny in the way
Stairs’ homerun and Cole kept them at bay.
The Rays were the only team left to take down.
It’s a small wonder the team didn’t drown.

There was Chase and Ryno, Jayson and Pat
They kept the runs coming with their timely at bats
The pitchers proved why the Phillies did win.
Pitching “Lights Out” finally, the party to begin.

“Swing and a miss, struck him out”
The Phils had just won, Harry would shout.
No one left standing, the Phillies were champs
Harry the K’s career had been stamped.

The City of Philly has lost a great man,
I count myself lucky to be amongst your fans.
You were classy and perfect until the very end.
God speed to you Harry, we’ll miss you dear friend.

Still can’t believe Harry is gone. OK enough sadness now, on to a very different Douche of the Day, but a well deserved one.



Thanks but the Phils have had enough off days already and I wanna watch some baseball, Douche.




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  1. Havoc

    Bahahaha@Mother Nature but she deserves it!!!!
    I Also nominate whoever moved the team to Washington, I bet in Montreal there would’ve been No RAIN!

  2. Nice umbrella, where can I get one?

  3. MooseWithFleas

    ^^ what he said!

  4. Awesome poem. Thanks for sharing.

    Mother nature.. fitting!

  5. GimmeAD is a fag

    You don’t write these scouting reports. You get them off

  6. I never said I wrote them. A scouting report is just that, it’s from not Why don’t you try not posting anonymously you coward. Pull up your pants, your gaping vagina is showing.

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