Ever since I started watching the Phillies as a little kid just being introduced to the team by my father and grand father I remember Harry’s voice. You could argue Harry helped raise me as a kid as much as my parents did. This blog is named after the great call of a Phillies home run by Hall of Famer Harry Kalas. This has hit me very hard and I don’t really know how to react besides being beside myself with sadness. Harry just celebrated his 73rd birthday at Bright House Field in CLearwater and was at the game and not announcing. When asked why he was at the game on his birthday he simply replied “For the love of the game.” You are seriously going to be missed Harry.




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6 responses to “R.I.P. HARRY KALAS

  1. MooseWithFleas

    R.I.P. Harry, I know you and Whitey are up there smokin stoagies, drinkin liquor, and laughin at Wheels.

  2. HAppy trails to you Mr. Kalas. Tell Whitey we said hello.

  3. KJ

    A sad day in Philadelphia and for national sports in general. RIP, Harry.

  4. Hard to believe. Harry, YOU are the man. RIP

    You’ll be missed.

  5. David Macknis

    I’ve got high hopes that Harry is in a better place. Hope you and Richie had fun calling a game together again today! You are Phillies baseball to me and always will be.

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