Well the Phils lost again but to me this one hurt the most. Our Ace was on the mound and had arguably the worst start of his career. Cole is the one we have to count on to keep a winning streak alive or stop a losing streak. He just doesn’t look ready to pitch yet. According to Hamels his elbow is fine, location was his problem and the only way it will get better is by continuing to start so I guess we will see what happens Thursday in D.C.

Chooch strained his right oblique muscle while chasing a pop up in foul ground yesterday and it seems like he is headed for the DL. Lou Marson was pulled from his start 15 minutes before the Iron Pigs got underway and was flown out to Denver; so it looks like Marson will be backing up Coste and this is his chance to make an impact and maybe stay up for good.

Carlos Carrasco had a dominant start for the Pigs last night. As always Phuture Phillies has the scoop.

Also, Jayson Werth went 4 for 4 yesterday with 2 doubles and a home run. Werth is looking really good even though it is early in the season. Check out this picture of him from when he was drafted by the Orioles as a catcher:

Those are some hot glasses. Douche of the Day time…



You got lucky and you still suck , douche.




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4 responses to “WAKE ME UP IN MAY

  1. “Cole is the we have to count on to be the one to keep a winning streak alive or stop a losing streak. ”


  2. Yea I did the post when I first woke up thanks for pointing it out…a-hole. haha I kid I kid.

  3. Pete

    Pointing out typos is my job, you should be able to figure out what it means until I fix it.

  4. MooseWithFleas

    Cole will be fine. His velocity isn’t up to par because of his lack of work in the spring. His location also wasn’t there. Many 0-2 or 1-2 counts resulted in a change or fastball right down the pipe. His stuff is still there though, give it 2-3 starts and he will be the same ‘ol Cole.

    Losing Chooch hurts because he got off to a good start, but this could be interesting seeing Marson play. Hopefully he makes an easy transition to the big league level when it comes to calling a game.

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