Before he dominated the Reds lineup on Monday for the Mets first game of the season, Johan Santana went down the line of the bench and proceeded to do a custom hand shake with each and every player. Here is the video on Metsblog. Santana is one of the Mets I actually don’t completely hate just for how good he actually is but come on. As if watching fucking Reyes do this shit isn’t enough now we have this. The Mets are a fucking joke and I hope they continue to think of new and creative (stupid) ways to shake eachother’s hands instead of actually learning how to hit a ball in September. FUCK THE METS!




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  1. The older I get the more I absolutely loath the mother fucking Mets. I hate every thing about the ass-hat group of buttfuckers.

  2. GOD

    Filthadelphia Faillies! The Mets will easily win the NL east because The Faillies pitching staff is a joke! Jamie Moyer!!! Give me a fucking break! You guys ain’t shit! So at the end of the season, let US METS FANS know how it feels this time around! Sorry no repeat bullshit for you fuckers! So shut your face and go eat a fucking cheesesteak! Phat PHUCKS!!!

  3. Finally an angry Mets fan finds this blog. I’ve been waiting a long time for this day. How’d the game work out for you yesterday “GOD” John Maine and Oliver Perez are looking realllll good. Your team is a joke.

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