Well last night’s game was great. A walk off win never hurt anybody. But the star of the game was obviously Pat Burrell. He was praised all night. From the second he went out to left to warm up during BP until the final out of the game. Last night was Pat Burrell Recognition Night and it was nice to see him get such an ovation. They even played a montage video of his career as a Phillie before the game. As promised here are some pics from yesterday, they were taken with the camera on my phone so they aren’t the best quality:

Pat Burrell Recognition Night.

Nice shot of CBP during the game. Also, Bruntlett’s beard is on the screen.

The bullpen before the Pat montage video started.

The bullpen after the Pat montage video started.

The new WFC beer bottle.

Charlie signing some autographs before batting practice.

This is my crowning achievement from yesterday. While going up to Matt Stairs for his autograph I asked him to sign the sweet spot of the ball and also requested that he write “Moon Shot” next to his signature. He was cool enough to do it for me and let out a pretty good laugh when I asked him to. Great guy.

Lastly, here is a video of Pat getting his standing ovation. Keep in my mind my phone froze and I started the video half way through his ovation, yes…it lasted that long. Also it was taken with my phone so the quality is horrendous.




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  1. Nick

    first, i love your blog. second, do you know if the phillies will be using those beer bottles all season?

  2. Thanks Nick I appreciate it. Yes they will be using those bottles all season long. Until, of course we win the 09 World Series.

  3. Lynniemac

    I was there last night (sec 217) to scream and cheer and watch Speedy McBasestealer take 2nd. I so wish he was still a Phillie.

  4. I might have to call him Speedy McBasestealer from now on…

  5. Lynniemac

    Feel free. I’m going to. Well, when I’m not calling him “oh my god, why can’t he still be a phillieIhaterubenamarosomuch!!!!!!!!!”

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