Think about it. Any time Brett Myers starts Opening Day we win the NL East. So by following the current trend we should clinch the division on October 2nd against the Marlins. Works for me.

Chan Ho Park has been named the Phillies’ 5th starter. I really don’t agree with this. I know he out-pitched J.A. Happ this spring but I have no confidence in him maintaining this production. I know Happ will be waiting to take over but I would rather just skip all that and let Happ take the job now.

Tomorrow McFadden’s is kicking off the season the right way. By allowing Sarge, Tmac, Mitch Williams, and Michael Barkann to serve their Phillies faithful shots of Jager and $3 beers. I will be there. I would say come say hi but no one has any idea what I look like and I can’t find any pictures of me on my computer. But I will be twittering on my phone, so I will probably say something about where I am. If you actually read this blog I’ll buy you a beer, since you would be one of maybe 3 people?




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  1. David Macknis

    I read almost daily…Just got back from vacation in NC and other than Nova crushing Duke, this was the best thing I had going to keep that Philly feeling alive!

    Won’t be at McFadden’s for that beer but thanks for the offer! Nice work.

  2. Thanks David. Nice to know someone reads this blog besides me haha

  3. I read just about everyday as well.

    I like to keep up on as many different Phillies opinions as I can.

    Keep up the nice work.


  4. Lynniemac

    I read it everyday, too. I won’t be at McFadden’s, but I will be there for Friday’s On Deck game (weather permitting) and then again for the ring ceremony.

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