The Sporting News has released their annual prediction for the upcoming baseball season. To probably no one’s surprise you are going to find the Yankees at the top, winning the 2009 World Series. Here is their power rankings and how they have the postseason panning out:

Power Rankings:

1. Yankees
2. Red Sox
3. Cubs
4. Rays
5. Angels
6. Dodgers
7. Phillies
8. Mets
9. Twins
10. Indians

Post Season:

ALDS: Yanks over Twins, Red Sox over Angels
NLDS: Cubs over Mets, Dodgers over Phillies

ALCS: Yanks over Red Sox
NLCS: Cubs over Dodgers

WS: Yanks over Cubs

The Phils will pretty much have to win 4 straight World Series Championships to get any respect or to crack the top 5 of the preseason power rankings. What really pisses me off is how the Angels and Dodgers are ahead of the Phillies (Thank god they put us over the Mets because if they hadn’t this blog post would be a lot more colorful). The Rays are ahead of us because they are in the AL and the AL bias will always continue. The Dodgers have a VERY suspect rotation and their arguable ace Chad Billingsley is dealing with nagging injuries. A full year of Manny will not save that shitty rotation and don’t forget they lost two key members of their bullpen in Joe Beimel and Takashi Saito. Oh and I forgot to mention we dominated them in the playoffs. Also the Angels lost how many players? Lets see…Francisco Rodriguez, Mark Texeira, Jon Garland, Garret Anderson, and they have Ervin Santana dealing with injury problems. Them ahead of us is a joke.

As for the playoffs this just looks like Fox Network’s wet dream of a playoff scenario. You have both New York teams and a Cubs vs. Dodgers/Phillies vs, Dodgers rematch from last year AND a Yankees-Red Sox ALCS. THEN you have a Cubs-Yankees World Series. So you have all the Cubs fans beating off all over themselves because they are finally in the World Series again, just to lose.

Last thing I want to note from the Sporting News is the predictions made by Todd Jones, a former MLB relief pitcher. He predicts that Jamie Moyer wins the NL Cy Young and that the Phillies pick up Jake Peavey at the trade deadline. Wouldn’t that be interesting…




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  1. Lynniemac

    I could be wrong about this, but I don’t recall anyone picking the Phillies to win the WFC last year and that turned out pretty well. Just goes to show how much stock you can place in predictions like this.

  2. Lynniemac

    And that should be “win the WFS”, obviously. I can’t proofread.

  3. You know, that’s the first thing I thought but at the same time it just gets my blood boiling that we still can’t get a little more respect after how the Phils handled themselves during the playoffs. It’s OK we all know what’s up.

    Thanks for coming back and reading Lynniemac.

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