While scanning through the spring training pictures on Philly.com I came across some pictures that, without their captions explaining them, just looked pretty odd. Also some pictures are just of things you won’t normally see like Hamels rocking his pants Joe Blanton style. Anyway here they are:

Hamels was pitching in a Minor League spring training game where they all wear high socks and him, like Utley, decided to wear the high socks instead of using their elitism to decide not to.

This young WFC fan in training looks like he is ready to just pull a Drew Barrymore in Firestarter and just make every Yankees fan around him spontaneously combust.

Jayson Werth and Jimmy Rollins were overly excited to see each other when Jimmy returned from the WBC. Man-love at its best.

Someone captured the actual moment Jamie Moyer’s age caught up to him. It occurred while the pitchers were doing pitchers fielding practice before a spring training game. It is in his new contract that at anytime he is allowed to just sit down and yell at people from the side to get off his lawn.

Ryan Howard, unimpressed by J.A. Happ and Chan Ho Park, has decided to throw his name into consideration for the 5th starter job. His fastball tops out at 127 mph. Now it will be interesting to see if he strikes out more batters than he strikes out himself.

After getting snubbed for the Gold Glove Award in 2008 Utley demonstrated his defensive prowess yesterday by laying on his back and catching the ball with his cleats. He then proceeded to put the ball on his ass and fart with such power that it fired the ball to third, doubling the runner off.



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  1. Hahahhaha. great pictures and captions!!

    I’m changing my 5th starter to Howard.. look at those mechanics.

    ..and that’s what that sweet smell was….?

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