When the Phillies won the 2008 World Series we were forced to hear Joe Buck’s rediculously boring and obviously upset call of “Phillies are World Champions…” instead of getting to listen to the great Harry the K make the call. Well shortly after everyone managed to hear the call from the great Harry Kalas (If you were were watching the TV instead of listening to the radio for the final out) and shortly after that a video released of Harry making the call and Chris Wheeler going absolutely ape shit:

Now today I was perusing the video highlights where they normally update certain thing around spring hosted by Scott Palmer and found this video. It is the Phillies radio/TV personalities doing a round table discussion of sorts (there’s actually a blue round table in front of them) about the upcoming season. During which they dub the Wheeler dance “The Wheelio” then they all perform the dance, including Harry. It is hilarious. Here is a pic of them doing the dance and Wheels looking noticeably miserable:






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4 responses to “THE WHEELIO

  1. Lynniemac

    This is the one and only moment I have ever actually liked Chris Wheeler. He could have screamed. He could have indulged in that annoying, little girl, high-pitched giggle of his, but he didn’t. He let Harry have the live call that was 28 years overdue, and that’s pretty damn classy.

  2. Harry doing the Wheeler is the greatest. Gotta love H.

  3. Major plug for you over at Nice!

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