Well Kendrick didn’t suck yesterday as much as he normally does, or has been, in a 2-1 loss to the Twins at Bright House Field. Instead the goat of this game was the Phillies offense who couldn’t muster up enough offense to score even one run off of fucking R.A. Dickey. Yes THAT R.A. Dickey who is pretty much guaranteed an ERA of around 5 and a half stifled the Phillies bats for 4 innings. But once again Eric Bruntlett stopped the Phils from getting shut out with a solo homer in the 9th much like he did against David Price in game 2 of the World Series. Anyway that is pretty much all there is to know about the actual game itself.

On another note we got to see Jimmy Rollins playing around with the Charlie Manuel bobblehead that will be given out April 28th in a game against the Nationals. Jimmy did a little skit about him not running out pop ups and it was pretty amusing, far more amusing then the game anyway. Chase also got in on the action and remarked how the bobblehead had been slimmed considerably. Gotta love Jimmy and Chase. The Fightins has the video here.

Another side note from the game was during BP Scott Eyre got hit in the face with a ball that John Mayberry Jr. hit and it ended up knocking out one of his teeth and giving him some noticeable bruising. But did that keep him out of the game? No. He came in and threw a scoreless inning thus proving that when you are a World Fucking Champion you feel no pain.

Also don’t forget to go vote for We Should Be GM’s in the Best Sports Blog Name competition. Time is running out and they are just hanging on in the first round.



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