Time to take a look at what each team’s starters have been doing this spring. I am going to leave out Hamels and Santana considering we all know the Phils and Mets will each get good years out of both barring injury. So I will focus on the #2 through #4 starters and the top 2 candidates for the 5th spot.


  • Brett Myers – 8.2 IP 2 ER 8 SO 2.08 ERA
  • Jamie Moyer – 11 IP 3 ER 7 SO 2.45 ERA
  • Joe Blanton – 15.2 IP 4 ER 7 SO 2.30 ERA
  • Chan Ho Park – 11.2 IP 2 ER 11 SO 1.54 ERA
  • J.A. Happ – 15 IP 6 ER 11 SO 3.60 ERA

Biggest Question: Honestly, the Phils biggest question mark has to be Brett Myers. I believe the year he has will have the biggest effect on the 2009 Phillies’ success. The Phillies need Myers to be that strong #2 behind Hamels to anchor the rotation.


  • Mike Pelfrey – 13 IP 4 ER 7 SO 2.77 ERA
  • Oliver Perez – 6.2 IP 7 ER 8 SO 9.45 ERA (WBC numbers)
  • John Maine – 9 IP 10 ER 8 SO 10.00 ERA
  • Livan Hernandez – 14.2 IP 5 ER 7 SO 3.07 ERA
  • Freddie Garcia – 7 IP 13 ER 6 SO 16.71 ERA

Biggest Question: The Mets have a couple more question marks then the Phillies I’d say, but the biggest is pretty much a tie between Perez and Maine. Perez is even more inconsistent then Myers, which is saying something, and Maine will be lucky to pitch 120 innings this year coming off surgery. A big year out of either Perez or Maine and the Mets could be in a good position to win though.

Overall I say the Phillies have the superior rotation. Call me a homer but the Phillies rotation is simply better. I mean every rotation has it’s number of questions but the Mets questions are far more serious. With our rotation you can argue Myers’ inconsistency, Moyer’s age, Blanton’s off year last year being looked at as regression, can Happ put together a good full season in the majors, and can Chan Ho Park really maintain what he has been doing this spring? But I will take those question marks over whether or not Pelfrey can duplicate his success last year, can Perez put together a string of more then 1 quality start in a row, Maine staying healthy (which he has yet to prove he can), and Livan hernandez actually keeping up what he has been doing in spring. The Mets just have too many questions




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  1. I think Myers is going to have a good year.

    The Mets also have Jon Neise competing for the 5th spot, but right now its looking like Hernandez is the front runner.

  2. ritz

    Not a bad comparison. The Phillies do indeed have a strong rotation. I think if the Mets can get a strong year out of Maine they’ll be ok. His shoulder issues weren’t major it was just causing him discomfort. Some might consider it major, but it wasn’t something that was effecting his mechanics.

    Pelfrey busted out his new “Greg (I definitely typed “Great” instead of Greg, awesome) Maddux” pitch yesterday (the front-door sinker) and apparently it worked very well.

    I’m excited for Pelf. I think last year he really started to come into his own, so maybe he’ll have a big year this year.

    Good luck to you guys!

  3. ritz

    Oh and Niese was cut today and optioned back to AAA. I’m sad to see him go, but I like that he’ll be somewhere to get his work in. He needs to be somewhere where he’ll get a start every 5 days.

  4. Myers NEEDS to have a good year.

  5. burton

    The Phils need your support!!!

    More Hardball wants to know which city has the hottest fans in Major League Baseball. Last weekend the playoff began, and now it’s time to determine who wins the pennant for each league. Let the games begin with the Phillies vs. Cubs and BoSox vs. Angels.


    We’d appreciate the plug if you like it.

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