Ok, I am finally completely better from being sick so today’s post is going to be a long one, by my standards anyway.



First off let me touch up on the subject of our golden boy Cole Hamels. yesterday I gave you a brief one word synopsis, now for the facts we got today from Todd:

  • There is no structural damage in his left elbow – good.
  • His chances of pitching Opening Day are up in the air – bad.
  • Hamels is scheduled to resume throwing Thursday – good.
  • There is some inflammation in the posterior lateral aspect of his elbow joint – sounds bad.

So basically all we know is there is definitely something up but it may not effect much, making him miss one start at most. Obviously, you want to think about the old cliche that baseball isn’t a sprint it’s a marathon. 162 is more important then one game, etc…but I will be worried until I see Hamels on any type of mound for the Phils. Also, consider how important him making an opening series start is. He owns the Braves and we can always use the help on that first series of the season as we all know. I can’t help but think this is karma for when I heard Johan Santana was hurt and I laughed my ass off.


The Phanatic is big time now that he has made his debut on The Simpsons. I’m not quite sure why in the show he is accompanied by the sound of a bike horn but at least they tried… Picture courtesy of TheFightins.com and the video can be seen on The700Level.com



In case anyone missed it Manuel is pissed about yesterday’s loss to the Yankees. The Phillies were destroyed and didn’t even put up a fight in a 12-0 loss. Here is what Manuel had to say to reporters. I replaced every (bleep) with the appropriate curse. You’re welcome.

“We had some shabby defense,” Manuel said. “(Kendrick’s) line definitely should have been better. We made mistakes. We made a hell of a lot of fucking mistakes. That was really a nice game. I think any game like that pisses you off, but the best thing you can do is fucking go out there and get on the bus and forget about that son of a bitch. Yeah, that was a horse shit, fucking game. If I played in that fucking game I definitely fucking would take a good inventory of myself. That was a horse shit game. They don’t get no better than that. God damn it, that’s terrible.”

“I’d say we kind of fucking hit rock bottom there for a while.”

I ❤ Charlie.



Todd Zolecki and the other poor souls at Bright House Field got ambushed by bees at the game on Sunday. From the picture he posted (above) that is pretty insane looking. Call me a pussy if you want but I can’t fucking stand bees. They are annoying little fucks. Seriously I picture every bee with a little Jose Reyes head on it. Fuck Bees. Luckily for the crowd Todd, being from Milwaukee, just grabbed a beer and a lighter and magically spit fire out of his mouth shooing the bees away and sparing everyone’s lives. Todd is a savior. He does have his own Malt Liquor after all…

Here is today’s lineup against the Reds at Bright House Field:

1. Chase Utley, 2B
2. Eric Bruntlett, SS
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Ryan Howard, 1B
5. Matt Stairs, RF
6. Pedro Feliz, 3B
7. John Mayberry, Jr., CF
8. Carlos Ruiz, C
9. Brett Myers, P

And lastly I’d like to say Happy St Patrick’s Day to all and please look because the guys at We Should be Gm’s have struck again…



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  1. Always glad to spread amusement.

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