So for anyone who checks up on this blog from time to time you will have noticed there hasn’t been many posts the last couple of days. Well I have been sick with a pretty bad fever and I basically laid in bed the last four days shitting all over myself. I’m not too sure what Corey has been doing besides playing with himself but the site will be updates as normal from here on, or at least until I am sick again.

So as for Phils news, today they beat the Astros 5-2 and Werth hit a homer. We will recap that game in a little more depth tomorrow but today I must post about something amazing. According to Todd Zolecki, Utley played in a minor league Spring Trainging game today at the Carpenter Complex. He went 2 for 4 with a single up the middle and a ground rule double. He also played 4 innings at second base and had not a single set back. Here is what utley had to say:

“As far as physically, it still has some room for improvement,” he said. “But it was nice to be out there. It was nice to try to get the feel of the game back. That’s probably going to be the most difficult thing, is just to get that flow back. But as far as physically, it felt pretty good.

“No pain hitting. No pain fielding. I ran hard a couple times, and like I said, there are no problems there. It’s good to know.”

Seriously, Utley is a beast. The guy is unstoppable. A-Rod had a less serious hip surgery and it will probably take him twice the time it took Utley to recover from it. It went from Utley being questionable for Opening Day to now he is playing in Spring Training games…the guy is unreal.

Anyway I am going to chug some more Nyquil and hope whats left of me being sick just fucks off already.



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