After trips to Penn State and Clearwater, Florida, the Commissioner’s Trophy will return to Philadelphia for some photo opps at local colleges throughout March. The events held at Universities and Colleges in the Philly area will not be open to the public, but there is good news for you non-students who are looking to add one last photo to your 2008 memories before looking ahead to the 2009 season. The trophy will also make an appearance at the Wachovia Center (March 10), the Zoo (March 21) and the building formerly known as the Franklin Institute (March 14).

Drexel (March 10th): Next Tuesday, the ugliest campus in America will be transformed into the most beautiful…at least for a few hours.

Temple (March 24th): Two week after the its appearance at Drexel, the trophy ventures north to Temple. Of course, the bullet-proof casing will prevent any of you Owls from actually touching it.

Saint Joe’s (March 25th): It’s only fitting the trophy visits the alma mater of one of our favorite world fucking champions. Let’s just hope this creeper doesn’t show up.

Penn (March 25th): Later in the day, I get my chance to see the trophy. Please, folks, leave your toast in your dorm room.

Villanova (March 27th): Will the Wildcats hang around in the NCAA tournament long enough to reap the benefits of the trophy’s good luck?

Full schedule here.



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