Well according to pitching coach Rich Dubee the race for the 5th starter spot has officially begun. I’m not sure whether he meant before or after Kyle Kendrick got roughed up by Team USA yesterday. Kendrick started off strong retiring the first 7 hitters he faced, but it quickly went down hill from there. Victorino came to the plate and smacked a 1 out single over the head of fellow Phillie Ryan Howard. While on first Kendrick threw over to try and pick off Vic but the ball got away and Vic advanced to 3rd on the throwing error. After that Jimmy Rollins and Dustin Pedroia both got singles and then Larry “Assface” Jones hit a 3 run homer. All the while Kendrick was throwing his arms up in the air like a baby. Basically showing his emotions a tad bit too much. This didn’t sit well with Dubee:

“That’s not acceptable behavior,” Dubee said.

“Poor,” said Dubee, asked to rate the progress Kendrick is making regarding controlling his emotions. “Poor today. He made a good pitch to Pedroia at the time, and he inside-outed a fastball and hit a little chopper between first and second and he threw his arms up like, ‘Poor me,’ or whatever. That doesn’t show control of your emotions.”

I really don’t think Kendrick has a realistic shot at making the rotation, especially after this. His major problem was how rattled he got after giving up a base hit here or a homerun there. That was what he had to work on most aside from his chaneup. Obviously he hasn’t matured much and is probably looking at heading to AAA.

In other news Adam Eaton thinks he helped the Phillies to the playoffs the last 2 years, prompting me tot hink he may have pulled a Darren Daulton:

“What went wrong? A lot of things went wrong, but a lot of things that went right, too. I helped them get to the playoffs two years in a row, and obviously we won the World Series last year. That’s a big thrill of mine, but obviously I still want to compete in that World Series atmosphere. That’s what I aim to do. It’s bitter for the fact that I wasn’t able to compete in it, but sweet in the fact that I watched those guys perform the way they did at such a high level at the right time. It’s a huge sense of pride in being a part of that.”

He has to have gone crazy…

Today the Phillies will have some split squad action (sounds kinky) against the Blue Jays. The first game at 2pm is a B game at Bright House Field and the other game at 7pm is in Dunedin. Here are the lineups for those games from Todd Zolecki:

B game
1. Jason Ellison, CF
2. J.J. Furmaniak, 2B
3. Jeremy Slayden, DH
4. Andy Tracy, 1B
5. Jayson Werth, LF
6. Chris Walker, RF
7. Ozzie Chavez, SS
8. Anthony Hewitt, 3B
9. Tuffy Gosewisch, C

Grapefruit League game
1. Eric Bruntlett, SS
2. Marcus Giles, 3B
3. Raul Ibanez, LF
4. Greg Dobbs, 1B
5. John Mayberry Jr., CF
6. Geoff Jenkins, RF
7. Mike Cervenak, 3B
8. Pablo Ozuna, 2B
9. Ronny Paulino, C



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