So apparently some guy has gone around impersonating Greg Dobbs to band some porn stars. It’s funny he chose to Dobbs to impersonate, I thought that would just bring single house wives running in droves. Well this is pretty epic. Article and picture courtesy of Deadspin.

Former Yankee prospect Andy Phillips is considered one of the nicest family men in all of baseball by other writers and his peers. So why has an adult actress filed a police report against him?

There have been a slew of athlete impersonation stories, from the recently sentenced Joba Chamberlain impersonator, to the cross-dressing guy claiming to be John Maine who stalked women at nightclubs, and it appears Phillips may be a victim of a similar crime. This story first became public — if you can call a news item on Demi Delia‘s personal blog “public” — January 26th, when Delia (actual name, Gina Rodriguez ) posted this official-sounding story with the title, “Former New York Yankee/Current Pittsburgh Pirate – Andy Phillips Accused Of Allegedly Impersonating Former Yankee Carl Pavano, the Phillies’ Greg Dobbs, And Alleged Agent Jordan Kapler .” In that story, Delia said she and Phillips were engaged in some sort of romantic encounter that began over email. Oh, and Carl Pavano’s involved somehow. Oh, and this whole thing was set up by the Phillies’ Gregg Dobbs, and a cast of other characters also became enmeshed. Feeling duped, Delia’s conclusion was that all of these individuals she was corresponding with were actually being impersonated by Andy Phillips. These interactions did lead to a face-to-face between Delia and the person claiming to be Phillips and Delia on Dec. 29th, at Hotel 57 in Manhattan. Yeah, they spent the night together, but after that, in Delia’s mind, things got a little weird and now she’s looking for justice. She says in her story, “I am bringing these charges in an effort to expose Mr. Phillips, but also to alert these people, Mr. Pavano, and Mr. Dobbs, that this man is fraudulently representing them in a bold and lawless manner. It’s important that he be stopped.”

I love the one about the cross-dressing John Maine. That was no impersonator. Didn’t anyone see that one game Maine pitched? He clearly forgot to take his lipstick off…

P.S. 2 hours till the Phillies first spring game.



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