Today, ran a story on Shane Victorino and his desire to play for the United States team in the World Baseball Classic this spring. With tough competition at center field,  including Curtis Granderson and Grady Sizemore, it’s unlikely that Shane will be able to crack the final roster. Still, if Vic wants to play in the WBC that badly, there is an alternative to the US team.

Three years ago, before the inaugural WBC, Italian team manager Matt Galante called Victorino and asked whether he would be interested in playing for Italy.

“What?” an incredulous Victorino said.

“Would you like to play for the Italian team in the World Baseball Classic?” Galante asked.

“I hate to tell you this, but I’m not one bit Italian,” the outfielder replied.

“Vic-tor-eeeeno,” Galante said.

“It’s not Italian,” Victorino countered.

“But it ends with an O,” Galante said.

Now that Galante mentions it, something about Victorino’s “Hawaiian” heritage doesn’t quite add up. After all, the Flyin’ Hawaiian Italian Stallion does spend a lot of time in South Philly and lately has been seen leading a group of tuxed men. Even more compelling, word on the street is that Victorino is now sporting the hairdo above…

On a more serious note, Shane not playing in the World Baseball Classic is probably a good thing. With the way he plays, it’d be best for his first meaningful, competitive game to be on April 5th. If not for himself, then at least for the other players.

Hat tip to for pointing out Shane’s love and affection for the phrase “No questions asked.”




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4 responses to “THE FLYIN’ ITALIAN?

  1. I think Shane-O is the man, but keeping it real here… he isn’t one of the top CF’s in the league yet. He needs more service time. After a few years I think he will be considered amongst the best. Lay back and get ready to defend the title Shane!

    Check out this Phillies Fan Forum

  2. yea definitely. we aren’t saying he is one of the tops in the league that’s why corey pointed out there is top talent in the WBC. but we agree that if he lays back and just plays his game he will be among the elite. thanks keith!

  3. dont worry, it scares us too…

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