If there’s one thing better than going to a Phillies game at Citizen’s Bank Park, it’s going to a game and watching the Fightins win the World Series. If there’s another thing better than going to a Phillies game, it’s going to a Phils game and only having to pay a dollar for hot dogs. If there’s yet another thing better than going to a Phillies game, it’s going to a Phillies game and getting acquainted with one of the many fine South Philly ladies in attendance. Continue along these lines and eventually you’ll get to “going to a Phillies game and getting free stuff.” So, today, we’re taking a look at the great giveaways the Phillies have in store for the Fightins’ faithful in 2009.

April 5th, Braves: 2008 PENNANT

First on the schedule is this replica World Championship pennant. Like last year, the Phillies are kicking off the season with a celebration of the previous year’s accomplishments. Unfortunately, fans will only be receiving one of the three pennants the Phillies accumulated during last season, but when someone hands you a replica of the World Series pennant hanging out beyond the center field wall, you don’t complain.

April 7th, Braves:CHAMPS SHIRT

For many fans (myself included), the opening series against the Braves will be their first time back in Citizen’s Bank Park since Brad Lidge willed a slider past Eric Hinske to cap the Phillies World Series run. For some, it will be their first time back since Rollins dove to the ground to start the division-clinching double play. Because of this, the Phillies are turning the series against the Braves into a three game celebration of last year’s World Championship. The Bank will be full of excitement, appreciative fans, and FREE SHIT! In the second game of the season, fans will be receiving this subtle yet brilliant t-shirt that is sure to become a familiar site around the ballpark.

April 8th, Braves:

The next day will be the ring ceremony and though fans will not receive a ring of their own *cries “But So Taguchi is getting one”* it will likely be the best game of the bunch.


In return for coming to a game that will feature the awful San Diego Padres, children 14 and under will receive this Cole Hamels MVP Baseball and Collectible Tin. I’m not sure what exactly happens when you open Hamels’ Box, but I can tell you that it’s 10 times more deadly than Pandora’s.

April 19th, Padres:PHANATIC T-SHIRT

For those who make the mistake of returning to the ballpark to once again watch San Diego play, they will receive this Phanatic shirt celebrating the Phillies’ World Series title. There will be no giveaway the following game against the Padres, however, holding true to the old saying “See the Padres once, Cole Hamels baseball tin. See the Padres twice, Phanatic t-shirt. See the Padres three times, shame on you.”


This is the mother of all giveaways. I recommend getting your tickets for this game early, because when tickets officially go on sale tomorrow, it will make history for being the quickest game the Nationals have ever sold-out. Featuring Cholly in his World Series Champions lockerroom hat and holding a microphone to address the crowd after the end of Game 5, this bobblehead is picture perfect.

May 1st, Mets:



Okay, so you won’t really receive a limited-edition of September Mets Jenga, but it’s still a game worth noting. After all, these games have a great atmosphere to them, even when it’s the first meeting of the season. And what giveaway (save a Charlie Manuel Bobblehead) could be better than a real-life confrontation with a Mets fan in which you get to point out your World Series Champions sweatshirt to them?

May 10th, Braves:

Mother’s Day will feature a free Jayson Werth blanket. Nothing can keep mom warm quite as well as Jayson Werth’s soul patch, so drag her out to the ballpark and show her how much you love her.

July 26th, Cardinals:

The day after Christmas in July, fans 14 and under will receive this Flyin’ Hawaiian, Victorino player shirt. Now, kidnapping children is against the law, but as far as I know, it’s not illegal to simply borrow a child for a few hours, take them to a Phillies game, and then release them back into the wild. The only crime here is that the Phillies are withholding this stylish shirt from anyone capable of growing hair in the southern region.

August 19th Diamondbacks:,

Today will be Brad Lidge Bobblehead night but the Phillies have yet to release the image of Lidge’s figurine, but here at Long Drive, we’re hoping it looks something like this:

August 28th, Braves:

Last year at a game against the Marlins, I smiled at the irony of an elderly woman handing me a knit winter cap in the month of September. Little did I know then that that same hat would be keeping me warm during the October 28th celebration on Broad Street. This year, I will openly welcome the addition of this beanie to my hat collection, because lord(Lidge) knows we’ll need it with the 2009 World Series extending into November.

So there’s some highlights of this year’s promotional schedule. You can find the complete promotional schedule here.



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  1. Phillydondilly

    where can i get this beanie??????

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