The Phillies legendary announcer and fan favorite Harry Kalas might be entering his final season as an announcer for our Phils…

Longtime Phils announcer Harry Kalas isn’t sure he’ll return in 2010

Harry Kalas is home from a five-day hospital stay and eager to get back to work for what could be his 39th and final season as the Hall of Fame voice of the Phillies.

Yes, Harry the K could be outta here after 2009.

Entering the final season of his three-year contract and a month away from his 73rd birthday, Kalas says he’s uncertain if he intends to continue calling Phillies games beyond this coming season.

“No, I don’t already know (if I plan to return in 2010),” Kalas said in a phone interview from his home in Media. “We’ll see how things go this year.”

I really can’t imagine a Phils game without hearing Harry’s voice. Harry has been around since I started watching the Phillies and even though he has his slip ups lately, I don’t think it is time for him to hang up his hat and call it a career. Some look at it as they want him to go out on top, without pushing it and risking being pulled half way through a season. Maybe I’m just being selfish and can’t stand the thought of no more Harry the K on the radio or TV. He has been in the booth for the Phils since 1971 and this is the last year of his contract. So I guess I will just have to enjoy Harry’s calls a little extra this year and hope it isn’t his last. Here’s one I’ll never forget…

Thank god Wheeler was smart enough to not say a god damn word during that call…



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  1. fightins89

    I think it is almost certain that Harry is done after this year. For a while, I thought 2008 may have been his last year. The eye surgery was just the final straw. For a while now his sight has been going, along with his memory. I’ve lost count of how many pre-warning-track fly balls Kalas has called homeruns off the bat. He often falsely identifies pitches, needs confirmation from Wheeler on the pitch-count, and on one occasion (Pat Burrell’s walkoff homer against the Giants) forgot what inning it was. Don’t get me wrong, I love Harry and am more than happy to accept these things in return for hearing “outta here” after every Phillies homerun, but it is sad to see. It’s like watching your grandfather need assistance from a nurse to walk.

    It will be a truly sad day when Harry steps down as the Phillies broadcaster, but I do not want to see his legacy turn into that of a goofy old man who stuck around too long. Phillies baseball will never be the same once he is gone, but at least he will not go out without having called a World Series Championship and at least we will always have that call to go back and listen to.

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