OK, I am pretty sure no one has ever read this blog and I couldn’t do it for a long time due to lack of a computer. But the fact is, whether anyone reads it or not, this is a lot of fun for me and a great release of anger, happiness, frustration, elation, pretty much every emotion I can think of.  So I will now continue the blogging process day by day and that’s a promise. How can I promise this you say? I am currently on unemployment due to the shitty economy. Needless to say selling cars didn’t work out.  So to anybody who might read this, keep coming back I promise it will be worth it!

This blog will not be a rehash of the Phillies news you hear day to day like some blogs. I will give you my raw and unedited opinion on what is happening in the Phillies world. With that said I must get one thing off my chest right now…WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!




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2 responses to “I’M BACK…

  1. WSBGM’s has added you again. Would you consider adding More Hardball to you blog roll too? More Hardball @ http://morehardball.blogspot.com

    email- morehardball@hotmail.com

  2. Where’s your blog roll, I don’t see it in your sidebar?

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