SEVERAL SITES ARE LINKING A POSSIBLE PHILLIES TRADE FOR BEDARD and others are stating that a deal may be coming between the M’s and the Phils for ace starter Erik Bedard. Say what you want about Bedard being a clubhouse cancer or a mess with the media but he is a damn good pitcher and would look excellent on this team. The main concern is him not going deep into games lately and he is a slight injury risk as he was just scratched until after the all star break. Gillick apparently wants a discount because of the injury risk, even though he was stated as not being overly worried considering he knows the M’s medical staff rather well from his days in Seattle.

Imagine, if you will, that Myers comes back strong and at least pitches to 75% of his potential and we have a 1 2 3 of Hamels, Bedard, and Myers. That could be a pretty good match against other NL playoff contenders like the Cubs, Diamondbacks, and Brewers. I know we now have some what of a farm system and clearing it out could prove costly but I think the move needs to be made to shake up this team. Bedard even appeared on the radio in Philly recently, which is odd considering his known avoidance of the media. Listen to the interview here.


J.A. Happ goes against reclamation project Mark Mulder tonight at the Bank. I’d love to say the Phils are going to light him up but I’m just not that confident and neither is GM-Carson.


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  1. Well Blanton certainly isn’t the answer. Bedard’s probably out past the deadline. I’d love to see the Phillies go after Jeremy Guthrie or Roy Halladay.

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