The Return of the J Roll

Jimmy Rollins made a successful return to the Phillies line up on Friday night. He went 3 for 5 with a double and a 2 run homer. The Phils are just a different team with Rollins in the line up, a better team at that. I wonder how many of our 16 losses would have been wins with Rollins in the line up instead of Bruntlett. The Elias Sports Bureau said that the Phils lost an average of 1/3 of a run per game with Rollins out.

Cole Hamels went 7 innings giving up 4 ER and striking out 7. Hamels should be pitching better then that against the Giants quadruple A line up. But a win is a win and I won’t complain.

Today Grandpa Jamie Moyer is taking the hill against the young retarded looking Tim Lincecum. Last time out we scored 4 unearned runs against Timmy and came out with a win. Moyer will attempt his usual crafty off speed pitches and hopefully it works because if we don’t get at least 2 wins out of this series I will be furious. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think the Phils have lost a series since the Mets series at CBP. That’s pretty impressive. One last thing I want to touch on is Brad Lidge. It seems he has shaken off his past demons and he is looking just filthy. If he is not in the All Star Game come July I will be shocked. But every time out I wonder when that first ineviteable earned run is gonna come. Hopefully when we have at least a 3 run lead.


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