Ladies and Gentlemen

OK. I haven’t posted in a while and that is because my computer has recently stopped working. So now I am posting from my phone which is kind of difficult. But I assure anyone who actually reads this shitty blog that it will be up and running from this point. I won’t be able to add the usual pizzaz and pictures because I will be posting from a mobile device but I will try hard to still get my point across. That said, here is what I have to say on recent Phillies events…

I was at the game against the Giants when Pat hit the 2 run walk off homer and it was probably the best Phils game I’ve been to in quite a long time.

The Phils are off to a decent start this year going 20-16 to this point. A split with Arizona was ideal and I can’t complain. What I can complain about is Brett Myers. What is his deal? We need this 1-2 punch of Myers and Hamels to live up to the hype. Hamels, for the most part, has done his duty. But Myers is just struggling for unknown reasons to me and Myers himself. If Myers doesn’t get it going we have a serious problem because honestly we can’t rely on Moyer to be our second best pitcher.

As far as this upcoming Giants series I expect, no I demand a sweep. The series just a week ago we took 2 out of 3 but we struggles to win those 2 games, both being of the walk off variety. This series we need to knock them around and sweep.

The Marlins continue to perform at a level that they will not maintain. Soon they will realize they are the Marlins and start to suck again. The Braves are finally playing to their potential and I see them as a bigger threat then the asswipe Mets.

That’s all for now but please check back every day for an update.


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