Finally! The Phils dismantled the Astros yesterday in a convincing fashion, winning by a score of 10-2. The Phils hit a total of 4 home runs courtesy of Utley, Howard, Burrell, and Coste. Chris Coste was definitely the star of the game going 4-for-5 with a double and a home run. Two of the home runs came back-to-back by Howard and Burrell. I keep wondering when Burrell might slow down a bit and it is not happening, which is a very good thing. I am on record as saying Burrell’s contract year will be like every other year he has had, which is not a bad thing. So far I couldn’t be more wrong and I love it.

Brett Myers went 7 strong innings surrendering only a solo homer as his only earned run. So that has lowered Myers ERA by over a full point to 3.96 and it is his second straight quality start. Can you believe the Phils pitching is ranked higher in the Nl then it’s offense is? It certainly was not expected. The Phils offense ranked 10th going into the game where as the pitching ranked 8th. Oh and Tom Gordon pitched a scoreless 8th which is always good.

This was a great game to gain momentum going into the series with the Mets at home. Tomorrow is pretty much the match up of the century as Cole Hamels will face off with Johan Santana. I can’t wait for this game and I will probably be gitty all through work in anticipation for the match up. Unfortunately this game has it’s downside, which is if we lose the Mets fans will never shut up and I will want to go into hiding. BUT it is a case of dutch door action ladies and gentleman, the door swings both ways. If WE win then it is I who will not shut up. I will immediately call my Uncle Jack who is a die hard Mets fan and I will tear into him, not to mention my boss at work. So until tomorrow. PHUCK THE METS .


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