The Phils beat the Cubbies 5-3 last night in a GREAT game. Last night’s win snapped me out of the funk I had been in since the night before on Reyes’ phantom touch of home plate. The game didn’t start off too good though. With 2 outs Derreck Lee and Aramis Ramirez hit back-to-back home runs and made it 2-0 in the early going. In the bottom of the first Victorino led off with a single then Dobbs followed with a single of his own putting men on 1st and 3rd with none out. Next thing you know the Cubs complete a strike em’ out throw em’ out double play as Utley goes down swinging on a full count and Dobbs is dead meat at second. It was real ugly and demoralizing, especially because Howard followed with a strike out.

But in the 4th inning the Phils would fight back. Chase Utley singled to lead off the inning but was erased breaking up a double play ball that put Howard on first. Then up comes Pat Burrell, who at this point was 1-10 lifetime against Zambrano (who I hate, he is a scumbag) with 4 K’s. He promptly unloaded on the first pitch he saw from Scumbrano and tied the game at 2. Also prompting me to dance naked…

The game wouldn’t be tied long as Soriano led off the top of the 5th inning with a solo homer (cheap one) putting it in the 1st row of left field. After that though Myers would buckle down and it would be the last run he gave up in a beautiful 8 inning effort. But in the bottom of the 5th Victorino drew a 2 out walk and scored on a double by Dobbs that Fukudome had caught but dropped the ball when his glove hit Soriano to tie the game at 3.

Next in the bottom of the 6th the Phils would add 2 runs off of back-to-back doubles by Howard and Burrell, Burrell’s 3rd RBI of the night and both doubles were to the opposite field, Burrell to the OPPOSITE FIELD. After that Jenkins grounded out and moved Burrell to 3rd where shortly after Ruiz singled him in to make the score 5-3 in the Phils favor. Myers then pitched scoreless frames in the 7th and 8th innings and handed the ball over to Lidge in the 9th.

Now this outing by Lidge was no normal routine save opportunity, it was his first in Philly, a crucial one. Lidge got a quick 1 pitch out to retire Derrek Lee. The next batter was Aramis Ramirez who hit a ball deep to left that would hit off Taguchi’s glove at the wall, a ball Taguchi should have had. Ramirez thought he had a homer and, like the dickface he is, he stood there and watched it. But he ended up being able to hustle to second somehow and get a double that should have been ruled an error. Lidge then got Daryle Ward to ground out moving Ramirez to 3rd. So this was it. Lidge quickly got ahead of Geovany Soto 0-2 and the crowd stood to it’s feet and cheered Lidge on to get that last strike, and he did. Striking out Soto to end the game was a picture perfect ending to Lidge’s first (hopefully of many) saves at CBP. I think this first one in Philly was a very big deal and he definitely needs this city behind him to succeed. That’s all for now look for the game 2 preview later today.



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  1. Nice pic of the robot Burrell, almost looks like an image you’d see on WSBGM’s. Nice work!

  2. phillieslongdrive

    haha thanks it was the best I could do. Feel free to throw it up on WSBGM’s

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